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tf1265 09-27-2011 02:03 PM

How to plant java fern
Can I get away with burying just the roots of a java fern plant and not burying the rhizome? I'm havving trouble keeping it attached to anything, I think my fish are gnawing at the thread, or playing with it because it always breaks after a day or two. But the roots have grown enough that I could bury them and keep the plant on the substrate. Is this acceptable, or will the roots die? Thanks!

aunt kymmie 09-27-2011 02:07 PM

I've never tried to bury any part of the fern so can't speak to that but wanted to say that I use fishing line (not thread) to attach my java fern. IME fishing line works much better than thread.

KendraMc 09-27-2011 03:38 PM

i planted a few, just the roots and not very deep. after a while they attached to my substrate (i use gravel, which probably matters here) and the original two will never float away again :) they cling to the gravel pretty well.

SinCrisis 09-27-2011 04:32 PM

For java fern, your not supposed to bury the rhizome. In my experience, burying the rhizome will cause the rhizome to weaken and sometimes break or rot. Its definitely ok to just bury the roots.

Byron 09-27-2011 07:17 PM

Agree with others. It's the rhizome (the thick stem/root from which the leaves and other roots grow) that shouldn't be buried or it might rot. The true roots themselves can be, and will pull themselves into the substrate normally if they are close enough.

tf1265 09-27-2011 08:09 PM

Thanks everyone. That is exactly the answer I was hoping for. I knew not to plant it into the gravel like other plants because the rhizome needs to be exposed, but I wasn't sure about the roots. So far, it's staying put and I don't have to stick my arm in the bottom of the tank every other day to fish out the rock and re-tie it! Yahoo!

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