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KendraMc 09-27-2011 10:02 AM

non-animal related company rant
first off, this rant has nothing to do with fish, reptiles, plants, aquariums, or anything else like that. this has to do with other companies i've had to deal with that just piss me off. i work at a IT support company (i don't do computers, i do the rest of it) and these that means i have to deal with vendors and other companies all the time. at the moment there are two that just suck. service/product sucks. customer service sucks. everything about them sucks.

1) they provide internet service (we used them for a T1 line for a client). we signed the installation contract with them in early january. mid June the line was finally ready to use. two days after we received notice that it worked, the client received a late payment notice. it took me over a month to get that straightened out. since then, the T1 line has been down for more than a day twice and for half a day once. and it isn't really as fast as it is supposed to be. when i called in to get the invoice issue taken care of, no one answered their direct lines and no one knew anything. at least they did seem to be based in the States somewhere, so there weren't any language issues.:evil:

2) they make asset tags. i requested a quote a few months ago, and did actually receive it. it included a link to order it. the link didn't work. customer support never replied to my several inquiries about that issue. i ended up requesting a new quote. link still didn't work. finally got someone to place my order. received order confirmation a month ago. said tags should be shipped by Sept 8th. i'm ok with that, custom tags have to be made when ordered so it takes some time. today they still aren't here. i looked at order status. they haven't been started yet. we'll see how long it takes for them to reply to that issue. :evil:

i'm sure i'll have more to add to this rant at some point, but those are the two that bother me right now. and i do feel better for havign gotten that out there :-P.

zof 09-27-2011 02:42 PM

3) Microsoft Licensing - I've seen lawers look at all the conflicting microsoft licensing terms and go WTH

KendraMc 09-27-2011 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by zof (Post 842668)
3) Microsoft Licensing - I've seen lawers look at all the conflicting microsoft licensing terms and go WTF

very very true. especially their volumn or open licensing, whatever it is they actually call it. that crap just doen't work.

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