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dazeek 09-26-2011 06:43 PM

Missing fish fish keep disappearing! I am convinced something has to be eating them! I have a 150 gallon aquarium and this is what I have left:

2 bosmoni
3 turquoise rainbows
6 tiger barbs
1 small common spotted pleco
2 danio
4 australian rainbow
1 phantom tetra
1 Cory cat
1 raphael stripped cat
1 serape tetra
1 Chinese algae eater (aprox 3 inches)
1 platy

So far in the past week I have lost:
1 med spotted pleco
1 Chinese algae eater
2 tiger barbs
1 killie
1 bosmoni

These fish are 100% vanished without a trace. They can't jump out as the tank is covered. They are not in the filters, I checked. There are no remenanents of dead fish. My water levels are all at acceptable ranges and have been checked daily since the first missing fish. Any ideas?!?! I am so upset and really think I need to point a finger but no clue who could be the culprit. All of my fish have been in the tank for 3 months or more.

Santaclaws 09-26-2011 07:33 PM

If I had to pick I would say the tiger barbs they can get really nasty when not kept in large groups. Ive seen them turn on each other too. Your cat fish is probably cleaning up the dead fish. I would check the profile of all your fish at the top of the page.

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