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jennesque 09-23-2011 09:04 PM

Project: Redoing My 28gal Bowfront
I'm excited so I thought I'd start this thread to show the progress of redoing the aquascape in my 28gal bowfront tank. So far, everything's in the mail still, lol. I am patiently awaiting.

I've got some Anubias barteri 'eyes', Vallisneria Spiralis, and Hydrocotyle leucocephala on the way, as well as some cypress knees.

Here's the most recent pic of the whole tank I had.. I don't have the angel anymore, and instead I've got a pair of blue rams.

So here's my before picture! I can't wait to see the after! :P

So far, all I've got to show are my cypress knees:

I'm hoping all the big ones are somewhat hollow, so I can fill them up with stuff to weigh them down. :)

aunt kymmie 09-23-2011 10:08 PM

I love redecorating! Looking forward to seeing your "after" pictures. How fun!! :-)

onefish2fish 09-23-2011 10:39 PM

before photo looks good so im looking forward to seeing the after shots. nice wood selection. have you considered a background? i personally like black to help whats in the tank "stand out"

jennesque 09-23-2011 11:13 PM

Oh, yeah! I had a background and it fell down and I've been too lazy to put it back up. Yhr one I had was shiny, so I was to just get some construction paper but I never seem to get around to it, lol.

But thank you. :) I should actually put up the before shot for that tank.. before I decided to read IP about fish before sticking them in the tank.
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jennesque 09-24-2011 09:30 AM

By the way, a random question, but I just wanted to check.. does it really matter how big the rock is that you tie anubias to? I've got rocks already that are like the width of a dime, but round instead of flat.. are those ok? And can/ should I hide the rock in the substrate, or will it eventually be hidden by the anubias plant itself?

I usually see anubias on driftwood or large decorative rocks, but I'm trying to make a "carpet" of anubias on the substrate around the cypress knees.. I don't really think I want to use large rocks that would be visible.
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jennesque 09-26-2011 09:10 PM

Ahh, here's like day one in my new tank. Right after I moved my decorations from my 20gal tank.. It's previous occupants: tiger barbs (4), 3 bala sharks, and 1 red tailed shark after Petsmart sold me three and I had to return one injured and the other that seemed more aggressive than the one I kept...

I still have my ADF from my original tank, everyone else I started over new with! :) That picture was taken in May, so I feel like I've mad a lot of progress since then, and I'm moving forward. Cypress knees may not be natural to my fish's habitat in the wild, but it's certainly closer than bubble dragons!

I got in the driftwood today. Sadly, the big double-kneed piece was 15" wide, not 15" tall (which, in wishful thinking, I assumed it was) so this thing is WAY too big for the tank at 24". Which is terribly sad because it's really a beautiful piece. I guess I'll save it for my bigger tank that I have no plans for except for the fact that I know I will always want a bigger tank...

The rest still look very nice, and I'm thinking this is how I will arrange them, unless anyone else has any other suggestions. Btw, I put up a background just for you, onefish2fish. ;)

These are the best pics I could get without some sunlight. :)

Using the giant one is, I guess, an option.. but I feel like it's way too large. It would have to stick out the top, however it is actually shaped perfectly enough that I could get it to work..

Byron 09-27-2011 03:55 PM

Neat stuff. If the large piece juts above the water, that's fine, so long as you can still put the tank cover on. You can bury the other end right down on the tank bottom glass.

On the Anubias, you can attach the rhizome to any of those little pebbles yo have, with black cotton thread. The rhizome will continue to grow out above the substrate, and the hair roots will grow down into the substrate.


jennesque 09-27-2011 07:15 PM


Originally Posted by Byron (Post 842757)
Neat stuff. If the large piece juts above the water, that's fine, so long as you can still put the tank cover on. You can bury the other end right down on the tank bottom glass.

On the Anubias, you can attach the rhizome to any of those little pebbles yo have, with black cotton thread. The rhizome will continue to grow out above the substrate, and the hair roots will grow down into the substrate.


Well, I took pictures of two different set ups. The first one would all fit in the water (the one in the first two pictures). The second one has a piece that is several inches larger than my tank, but, the way it's shaped, I could actually get it to poke out of the back of the tank. I've got a glass lid with plastic in the back that I can cut to allow room for equipment. The only other hole I have is small and is at the top of my heater and for the air line coming in for the filter. It's definitely plausible, but the second idea takes up a lot more room in the tank.. I think it's really just too big. So, I think I'll go with the first option. I've also got to think about the fact that I've got a sponge filter in there taking up room as well.. there will probably only be like 20 gallons of water in there by the time I put in all the large driftwood! That's probably an exaggeration.. but, it'll definitely cut down on the room my corys and ADF have at the bottom of the tank.

Thanks for letting me know how to plant the anubias. I've seen some tied to the rhizome and some tied to the roots.. I wasn't sure which way to go so I appreciate the clarification, and I'm glad the rocks I already have will be ok to use!

I'm excited, some of my plants should be here today or tomorrow! I bought my anubias eyes from aquaticmagic who is on AquaBid and eBay.. They've got such cheap prices, and such good feedback so I'm hoping this goes well. The items have to come from Malaysia, but I've heard the anubias is pretty hardy so I think it'll be fine. I'm not sure how quickly they'll get here, but hopefully soon! I got some pennywort and vals coming from AZ and usps says they should be here by Thursday, so that means maybe tomorrow! :D I usually get stuff earlier than expected. Now that I've said that, it'll probably be Friday or Saturday before I get anything..

jennesque 09-30-2011 08:26 PM

Well, I got one package of plants today. To my dismay, the person who was supposed to be getting them out of the mail for some reason thought that the package was actually left at the post office, so the plants stayed in the mail box all day so they look pretty rough. I don't know if there's anything I can/should do... There's at least plenty of green leaves on both the pennywort and the vals. Here's the picture of the worst of them.. I've still got several pennywort stems that look great. I'm pretty sure I've got more than I need.

I'll be giving away my plants soon, probably for a small, small price.

I'm still waiting on some anubias to come in the mail, hopefully I'll have better luck with these. The project of the weekend will be figuring out how to weigh down the driftwood.

jennesque 10-01-2011 09:48 AM

Ok, so I'd been soaking the driftwood for a couple days. I've got some tannins leaking out, but there's still no hope of them ever sinking anytime soon because of how buoyant cypress wood is. This weekend, as I said in my last post, will be spent getting the driftwood to sink. I'm thinking of just gluing some slate to the bottom because I'm afraid I'll ruin everything if I get out some power tools. I've read about people doing it, and I know that a lot of reefers do it when building their reefs..

With that being said, I took the wood out of the water now so they can dry off. They're outside in the sun, but I took a picture of what they look like wet - I absolutely love the color! This part was completely unplanned, but the wood (at least for now) matches the color in my living room very, very well. I snapped a picture of them after setting them outside to dry off. The very tops of the tall ones are dry, that's why there's some discoloration. I didn't have a container big enough that I am allowed to use. :P

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