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Santaclaws 09-20-2011 09:58 PM

I hope I spelled it right threw out the bags lol I just replanted 2 tanks with it I usually use eco complete but they were out of it so I bought flourite instead with eco it clears within one day but its been a few day and its not clearing much should I change out the water again there is no stock in the tanks Thanks:-?

BarbH 09-20-2011 11:47 PM

I believe flourite, like playsand needs to be rinsed very well, can be dusty. I would go ahead and change out the water, and see if that helps. I know when I changed my 50 gallon over to sand, even with all the rinsing that I did with my sand, when I first put it in, it clouded the water up fairly bad. A couple of water changes to help remove the loose particles in the water helped greatly and cleared right up.

Jbrofish8 09-21-2011 06:29 AM

Flourite is a MESS if you dont rinse it well. I used a bag in my first tank, and didnt rinse it well enough, my tank water looked like mud.

After a day or 2 of no improvement, i drained all the water, took it all out, and rinsed it really well. When I put it back in it was *slightly* cloudy but it cleared up in a day or 2.

kmiceray 09-21-2011 09:05 AM

That stuff is super messy. I spent a lot of time rinsing that stuff before putting it in my tank and I am glad I did. Once rinsed I placed it in the fish tank but it still clouded up the water. However, it cleared in one day. My recommendation is to take it out and rinse it. Once this is done I would change the water. If it is a new tank just take out all the water but if it has established water take half of the water out.

Byron 09-21-2011 11:12 AM

My suggestion is not to take out the Flourite, but do a full water change. I used it in my 70g and rinsed it fairly well, but the tank was not clear for several weeks. I've no data on this, but too much rinsing might remove some of the nutritive value. Seachem recommend a light rinsing, no more, and they indicate some cloudiness will occur. The "clarifier" they suggest for this I would never use, this can be veryharmful to fish [later]. Let it clear naturally.

Once the tank is aquascaped with the hard decor (wood, rock, etc) and planted, completely drain the water down to the substrate. Do not vacuum the substrate, just siphon out all the water. Then refill the tank, aiming the hose onto a large chunk of wood or rock, or add a bowl-shaped dish and run the water into that; this avoids disturbing the substrate. Add water conditioner at the beginning of the refill. When the tank is filled, start up the filter and heater and there you are. A few fish can go in [assuming you have live plants in this].

I do this with sand too, it is quite good. The water will still have some cloudiness, but it is not detrimental to fish. New tanks clear depending upon the biology and bacteria, so have patience. My 70g with the Flourite took about 9 weeks, maybe even more, can't remember. My sand 115g took 5 weeks, this was bacteria.


Santaclaws 09-21-2011 05:19 PM

Thank You
Thanks everyone for your help like I said I usually use eco complete its pretty clean.Thanks Byron it did say not to rinse it . The tank is planted and wood in so Iam going to change it out. Thanks again:-)

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