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Limeylemon 09-20-2011 03:31 PM

Help creating my first aquascape?
Hi all!
Needing some helpful suggestions on what i can use, what will work and what won't on my first idea for an aquascape.
I have an established 30g tank over 6 months old which i find quite dull and boring even when it is full of plants, ive been looking into different aquascapes and i have come up with an idea, just needs a bit of tweeking to get it perfect.
I am upgrading my light this month to a single bulb T5 24w.
Heres what im thinking, garden design!!!
Removing about half of gravel and replacing with tetraplant substrate, the soil type i think? I want most of my gravel to create a 'pathway' up the centre.
One corner needs tall plants, hiding the filter and the heater, what is the best plants to use there, to make them look like trees, i will be investing in some good quality bogwood also.
The otherside i will half bury a slate cave for my plecos, and create a hill with substrate over the top, maybe some large, show off bogwood there.
Ground coverings is where i am lost. I do love dwarf hairgrass! But will it cover over the slate cave with only a thin layer of substrate? and also ive been looking to using riccia on a net but i am unsure on how to fix it, ensure it grows evenly, and how to do this in general! :shock:

Ok so other questions. CO2 diffuser? Ive been considering this
I am also considering using root tabs, i am only at the moment a user of liquid fertiliser.

Ok so any ideas on whats best, whats not, what would work, and what plants would work? I have the basis of an idea just gotten a bit stuck :-)

Limeylemon 09-20-2011 03:55 PM

I forgot to add, amongst the ground covering i want small 'bushes' of plants. and i also will be using slate pieces, to add depth. I also have some tank safe mini gargoyles which are going in there also.
not 100% sure of the right layout to go with yet but working on it.
also... black background?

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