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aqheart 09-20-2011 01:40 PM

[Question]Water Flow To Direct Bottom Waste
I've seen in various comments that people point their flow in a certain direction to collect bottom tank waste in a dead spot for easy siphoning.

If anyone has that setup would you elaborate on how it's done please? (Also do any conflicts occur with other filters/sump because of that flow?)

(Just googling aquarium water flow, types of water flow, aquarium eddy, bottom water flow, etc doesn't turn up anything too usable for me)

If possible could you include drawings/pictures? Helps with visualizing~~


Byron 09-21-2011 11:47 AM

My view is that this can work in bare-bottom tanks but should not be attempted otherwise. The substrate should naturally collect organic waste which the various bacteria [and we are talking bacteria other than the nitrifying species here] can break down. This is explained in more detail here:
This allows for a natural biologically-balanced aquarium.

Another problem with a filter flow that is strong enough to achieve what you suggest is that this is not tolerable by most fish, at least not on a long-term basis.


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