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zfarsh 09-19-2011 05:37 PM

Clean / Desinfect Moss for fish tank
Hi all,

I want to disenfect/clean moss (Java / Christmas / and specially Taiwan), before inserting them in a fish tank. I want to be sure there is no parasites from the plants that infect existing fish. What methods would you recommend? I have Potassium Permanganate, as well as Formaldehyde at home, however i dont know what amounts to use on these specific plants. I will dip them for many hours in a 5 gallon container. Pls let me know what disenfectant to use to remove any possible parasite and make the mosses safe for "fragile" fish tank (fancy goldfish are not too resistant lets just say).

Thanks in advance

wan2 learn 10-02-2011 10:10 AM

sorry to hijack your post but im also looking for ways to make new plants safe as i have tiny white worms (not flat worm) there like mini maggots i buy plants from store but i would like a good way to sterilize them before putting them with my little beauties.

( this is my 1st post. )

Byron 10-02-2011 01:08 PM

Some aquarists do use the chemicals mentioned on plants, but one has to be very careful. I have always followed Rhonda Wilson's [planted tank columnist in TFH] suggestion that anything strong enough to really deal with parasites or algae will likely be very detrimental to the plants, and often kill them. And Mosses are delicate.

If you are really worried, place the moss in a fish-less tank for a few weeks. Make sure there is some light; a bright window position is sufficient to keep mosses alive. A few snails [Iuse Malaysian Livebearing and Pond Snails] in the tank would help, to clean the moss. And once a week dose of Flourish Comprehensive.


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