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alysalouise 09-18-2011 12:45 AM

Dwarf Livebearer :D
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So i got some of theses maybe a month ago i asked for 3 (2 females 1 male)
But he accidently gave me 3 females
And so i didnt think i was going to get any babies
Well i was looking at all my Guppy fry who are 3 weeks old, and they were in the tank with the dwarf livebearers, but after seeing that the momma didnt eat the last 4 fry she had after i scoopped up the other 33 i moved them back in with mom, well last night i was looking, and realized one of the fry's looked alot different, and saw that it looked like my Dwarf livebearer :)
He/she got scooped up and moved in with the guppy fry back with their mom without my knowledge, and now lives back with his/her mom in their 5 gallon (just moved them in there 2 nights ago) with 3 new 2 day old brothers and sisters (probably more, but thats all that was in there yesterday when i did 100% water change, i know what one is the momma cause she is still bigger than the other one, and so im sure she is still having more fry)

I just wanted to share my excitement and a picture :)

platyfishlover123 09-18-2011 10:26 AM

Congratulations! That baby in your picture is super cute :)

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