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Kittiyhawk 09-06-2007 04:52 PM

Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi/Blue German Ram help
Hello everyone, I'm new here, but I would very much like to see if anyone can help me. I have 2 pairs of blue german rams, one pair in a breeding tank, one pair in a community tank. Both pairs will spawn just about every week, give or take a day, when given a water change.

I would like to focus on my breeding tank rams. They are in a 10 gallon tank, some live plants, some fake. I have 2 large rocks setup on one side which is usually where they choose to spawn, and 1 clay pot on the other side. Temp is usually around 83 F, lil bit lower at night when the light is off. I have a sponge filter in the corner, and run a small external filter off the back of the tank. PH is usually pretty stable about 6.8, never above 7.0, as I usually test ph when each water change. I do a 30-35% WC every week or so, depending on when they last spawned, usually when I see the female get nice and plump with eggs. With each WC, both fish become very vibrant and usually the female starts going into a frenzy within the hour of finding and cleaning a spot to lay eggs. When the female lays the eggs, the male is always behind and usually stays close to fertilize them. In which case, the eggs usually turn tan in color, although I do see some white ones here and there. The male will guard the eggs always, unless it is feeding time, where the male will go eat, and the female will take over until the male has had his full.

This is where I get stumped though, always always on the 3rd day, the eggs just all disappear. I never see any wrigglers or can even tell if the eggs have hatched, so I'm curious to know if one or the other have eaten them. Its not a full 72 hours that they disappear, its usually more like 2 and half days that I begin to see them go missing. I thought maybe it was the male eating them since he guards them, but I tried seperating them, I kept the female with the eggs, and divided the tank with the male on the other side. I did this not only to test whether or not the male was eating them, but also because after the last spawn, the male started to attack the female, and she had to hide behind the sponge filter to get away.

If anyone can offer any incite on methods to help get the eggs to hatch, I would be all ears. As this particular pair have spawned about 6 times now. My other pair have spawned 3 times, but they are in a community tank and usually the eggs get eaten by my 2 loaches.


Lupin 09-09-2007 01:51 AM

Welcome to, Kittiyhawk.:wave:

Here's an article in case you haven't read it yet.:)

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