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yippee 09-05-2007 10:02 PM

yet another identity post, sorry
hello all. first of all, sorry, I'm sure you get tired of everyone asking you what kind of fish they have.

here's the deal: i am a softie when it comes to fish. My dad's boss had a fish they have had for a while in a tank by itself. they kept adding fish over time and the fish kept eating the other fish. after getting fed up with not being able to add new fish the guy decided to do away with it. since my dad knew me he told his boss to hold onto the fish till he could talk to me. my dad then called me and told me the story, he wasn't sure what type of fish it was. after a short period of thinking, i told him to go ahead and bring it home since his boss was just going to throw it out and that i would find a home for it one way or another.

here is a picture of what it looks like:
this is not the exact fish
(once i get it in another tank i will get a picture of it).
that is the closest picture to exactly what it looks like that i could find.

here's the situation i am in: the fish was sent home in a (maybe) one gallon jar in relatively dirty water. the only spare tank i have right now is a 20gallon tank. i went ahead and set it up. in a rush i just filled it with water [50/50 slightly used/new], it has no gravel/decorations, just a plain tank at the moment. it of course has a filter, light, and heater though. i have been cycling the tank with a white cloud and female betta for most of the day (both of which will be removed when the new fish is added). since it is living in horrible conditions at the moment i am trying to get it into the tank as soon as possible without rushing it.

concerns: it was kept in something around a 50 gallon tank(my dad looked at my tank and said the one it was in wasnt quite as big as mine (50 or 55 gal. not 100% sure) but it was fairly close.). he also said it was bigger than my 30gal, so its somewhere between a 30-50. i am putting it in a 20 gal. which is better than the jar. i have a 30gal. on the way which i would ideally like to keep it by itself in, i just dont know if it is adequate room for the fish. absolute worse case i can move my other fish and use the 50 for this fish. what do you think?

what type of fish is this?? so i can finish my research.


Gump 09-05-2007 10:07 PM

Its is most likely a hybrid of Amphilophus citrinellus and amphilophus labiatus. In such case a 75 gallon would be the smallest id put it in and as a grow out your 50 will be a single fish tank if you leave it to its devices.

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