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satu55555 09-13-2011 01:28 AM

Are Dwarf Otocincluses meant to be lazy?

I wanted to ask if Dwarf Otocincluses are meant to be lazy. First when we adopted our girl and boy, they were full of energy and searching for algae all the time. At food times they were already waiting on the glass and as soon as I got their vegetable (cucumber, zucchini etc) in the tank, they hopped on it and started a real crunching contest. They did this for months and then when the summer started they suddenly started hiding more and don't really come out much. Some days I have to go and search for them under the ornaments and bogwood to do my normal daily health and condition check to see that everything is fine. It's been ever since May that they don't even come for their vegetables during food times. However, often when I change the vegetable for a new one, the old one looks eaten. (This morning the cucumber slice had a hole on it.) I just never see them eating algae or veggies now. Do they eat at night time only now?

If someone knows if this is normal, I'd appreciate to hear comments.

Thank you.

tf1265 09-13-2011 12:05 PM

Do you have a thermometer in the tank? It sounds to me like the water is too warm. Most catfish prefer it be on the cooler side, 75-77 degrees (F). I don't have any otos so I can't give advice specific to them, but you say it correlated with summer, which to me screams that it's too warm. My cories did the same thing over the summer, if the water hit 80 (sometimes higher with the 90+ degree heat outside) they hid in the shade and weren't nearly as active as they usually are.

If this is the case, aim a fan at the tank and keep the lights off, it will help to cool it down a bit. They may be hiding for the shade and coming out and eating at night when it's cooler.

satu55555 09-14-2011 12:12 AM


Thank you for your reply.

Yes, you're right. The temperature did get a little too warm at some point in July, but I put a fan to keep it cooler and it has been around 75 F (=24 C) since the beginning of August so I don't think it should affect anymore. The temperature is very steadily at 75 F without much any fluctuation.

Thank you again.

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