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bullseye69 09-04-2007 11:03 PM

EEEK not so nice green hair algae
I have what looks like green hair algae growing all over on the decs and glass. current plants are hornwart,red ludgwigia,moneywart,anacharis. fish is 4 angels 1 blood parrot,4 black skirts,7 corys 3 otto's. water prams are 0 ammo,0 trite, 5 trate. ph 7.2. i have a 96 watt pc light and 2 fluorescent one 30 watts one 20 watts. total 146 watts/2.4 watts a gallon. i have done a wc yesterday and cleaned it off and it had grown all back in a day. last week i added some liquid ferts by hagen plant gro. but did not add any yet this week. I'm going to order dry ferts at the end of the week.

sorry for the long post the Questions i really have is should i add more ferts and should i setup co2 and would that help starve the algae?

jones57742 09-05-2007 02:53 AM

The following may be of some help:


bullseye69 09-07-2007 12:52 AM

Ok i guess i'm a little confused on do i need co2 or not. because of the amount of light i have which is 2.4 watts a gallon i now have a good amount of plants in now. my order came in yesterday.

? i start adding ferts now or should i wait a week or so and see how the plants are doing and add ferts as needed.

? 2. I think i have the algae under control now will see in a week or so. If i go co2 what route would be best pressuized or diy or can i get away with one of those store bought ones like from this one

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