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Redskinsjbs 09-10-2011 09:21 PM

Tiger Barn Species Tank Environment.
Hello All!

I am so excited to finally be posting here. For a few months I have been lurking, trying to obtain as much information about keeping an aquarium as I can. I have reached the point where I need to ask a question.

How tolerant are Tiger Barbs of non-natural tank environments? I have read the bio of the species on this site many times, and have gone through many pages of threads with 'Tiger Barb' as the search keyword and these are the tank credentials that I can summarize:

- pH 6 to 8
- Soft to moderately hard water
- Temperatures between 72 and 79 F
-Minimum tank size of 30g lending itself to long swimming distances
- Dark tank bottom and sides
- Plants on the periphery for shelter

Its the last item where I would like to stray. I am normally quite a fan of extremely natural tanks... Ones that look like you chopped a few feet out of a river somewhere and planted it in your living room. However, with my job next year, I will most likely be away from home for week long stretches and I want to minimize tank maintenance.

Also, being a new member in the manufacturing industry, I would like my tank to celebrate that accomplishment. At my job last summer, I was privy to many very interesting pieces of aerospace scrap. Most of these parts are titanium and I think that I could create a really neat 'scrap heap' seascape with them.

So I am finally getting at my question... Hopefully some of you were able to cope with my dreary and reach this point... Will Tiger Barbs be comfortable in a tank with no fauna in it? I will be sure to abide by all of the other characteristics to keep the barbs as happy as possible.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Post Statement:

I guess that I should introduce myself. My name is Jay and I am a graduate student attempting to obtain a Masters in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Masters in Aerospace Engineering.

In the past I have restored 3 cars from the ground up, constructed a 3d RepRap printer (way back when there weren't any... I had to 3rd true RepRap Darwin functioning and played a part in its design), and constructed a 4' x 10' CNC wood router. I am not a novice when it comes to big DIY projects and I in fact intentionally give myself year-long projects to keep myself occupied. So that sort of gives the schedule for this tank. By this time next year, I would like to have fish in the tank.

My current plan for a tank is a DIY 8' x 2' x 2' 240g fiberglass tank with a viewing window on one of the long sides. I also plan on having a 55g sump with a refugium. I will also equip the tank with an automatic top off feature as well as an automatic water exchange feature; both of these being fed by a reverse osmosis water production unit. The filtration will have to option of using a UV water treatment lamp in case of algae or bacteria blooms. The tank will also be lit with LED lighting to try to minimize the wavelengths of light that help algae grow.

Finally, I plan on building my own controller for the tank since it shouldn't be too difficult for me to do myself.

1077 09-10-2011 09:52 PM

Sounds like a plan to me,
Couple point's I would submit. Unless source water is unfit for human consumption, I would forego the R/O system for this tank.
As you have noted,,tiger barbs can adapt to wide range of water parameter's and it can take up to eight gallon's of tapwater to make one gallon of R/O water.
In smaller tank, or if i were seeking to breed some sensitive species that require soft water for spawning ,I might consider R/O system.

Were I considering this tank for stated purpose and no plant's, I would maybe consider sand substrate(cheap), and smooth river stones along with lot's of large to middlin size pieces of driftwood and perhaps artificial plant's along back glass that would give the fishes some comfort.
Just my two cent's.

Redskinsjbs 09-10-2011 11:22 PM

Sweet! A reply! Hehe

Maybe I should mention that this will be my first aquarium... Hence all of the overboard protection I am trying to design into the system. My father is an engineer and my mother was a marine biologist, so I grew up sailing and snorkeling and developed my love of fish while participating in those activities.

For me, the beauty of fish lies in their absolute efficiency. I find the greatest joy in viewing a streamlined school of fish darting through the water... Nature's engineering...

On to the tank... Having installed the RO unit in my Mom's boat, I understand a bit about the inefficiencies that go along with treating seawater. I'll have to look in to what causes the inefficiencies in a home system.

My initial idea was to try to make the seascape as neutral as possible to try to show of the fish as much as possible. I do have a few helicopter blade hub spurs and some parts to aircraft landing gear that would make good caves and sudo 'driftwood' replacements. Artificial plants are fine as far as I'm concerned. If it will add to the comfort of the fish, I'm all for it.

Does anybody know how fish see their environment? As in, is there a surefire way to trick fish into feeling more comfortable without actually including the fauna or seascape that they are used to? For example, would painting the back and sides of the tank with a host of plants allow me to reduce the number of plants in the tank without stressing the fish?

The motto for this tank is "Less is more". I am really trying to bring attention to the action of the fish and not their environment.

I guess it won't be a 'soothing' tank in the normal sense of the word, but I find the unified motion produced by schooling or shoaling fish quite relaxing.

That is all for now. Any input from the community is greatly appreciated.


P.S. Would a moderator mind altering the title of this thread to "Tiger Barb" instead of "Tiger Barn" ? Thanks...autocorrect stinks sometimes.

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