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locksmith 09-10-2011 06:40 PM

New 70 Litre Aquarium
Hi All,

I'm new to the site and I'm hoping you can help.

Here is my Aquarium setup:

1x 70 Litre Tank
1x Aquis 500 External Canister
1x Cup Aqua One ChemiCarb (In Aquis 500)
1x Cup Aqua One Aqua One ChemiZee (In Aquis 500)
3x Tiger Barbs
1x Aqua One SR Air Pump (SR 2500)

Have had the Tiger Barbs now for a week and their doing really well. Prior to getting the fish, had left it cycling for over 6 weeks. Had used Nutrafin Cycle (Biological Aquarium Supplement) to get the cycle going.

These were the reading of the Aquarium before adding the fish:
Nitrate: 0
Ph: 7 (Neutral)
KH: 125.3
GH: 125.3
Ammonia: 0

A week later after adding the fish, here are the readings:

Nitrate: Between 0 and 5 ppm (Had peaked to 5, but appears to be dropping)
Nitrite: 0
Ph: 7
Kh: - (API drop fails to get reading, have used AMMO Lock)
Gh: - (API drop fails to get reading, have used AMMO Lock)
Ammonia: 8 ppm ( It steadily rose to this reading)

will chemcarb and chemzee, interfere with the cycling ??? what are your opinions ??? Is it indeed cycling and if it is ??? How far off is till I can add more fish ???

Being a 70 Litre tank, how many more fish can i add ??? Thinking of adding 4 more barbs and maybe 6 Neon Tetras and maybe a few Black Tetra.

Can this tank support having all these fish ???

Your help would be greatly appreciated.



zof 09-10-2011 08:02 PM

Alright first off with the ammonia levels in the tank, start doing water changes, you are cycling most likely because of the ChemiZee which as far as I can find trys to and removes ammonia from the water, which means it hinders the cycling process, and you are seeing high levels of ammonia most likely because the ChemiZee is now saturated and can absorb no more. Its best to just go with out unless you plan on continuing to buy ChemiZee in quantities enough to keep ammonia out of your tank which will be some money.

The ChemiCarb is just an activated carbon, which you can use and it won't really affect the cycle but most people don't use unless their tap water is contaminated with something. As for tank size its about a 18.5 gallon tank so beyond the additional barbs you are starting to crowd it, but of course you should not add anymore fish until you have gone through this cycle. Just keep an eye with your test kit to figure out when its done. You can try and use some more cycle to see if that will speed up the cycle but only your test kit will tell.

Theres no easy way around it, your cycle was probably screwed up by the use of the ChemiZee so I would just ditch that stuff and write off your new cycle to a good life lesson.

zof 09-10-2011 08:08 PM

I forgot to add, welcome to TFK we like being used here so feel free to ask if you got anymore question :-)

locksmith 09-10-2011 10:37 PM

Thanks for all you info, greatly appreciated, for a newbie like me.... :-D

So how often should i do the water changes ??? And how much ??? How many fish can I add ??? Have used an online calculator and it said I could add to 25 fish...

You're help has been great, thanks...

BarbH 09-11-2011 12:19 AM

Hello and welcome to TFK :-D For water changes while you are going through the cycling process you need to do water changes any time that the ammonia or nitrites get above .25 ppm. This may mean that you will bw doing water changes daily until these numbers get in check. At the levels that your ammonia is reading right now I would do a 50% water change. Once your tank has cycled you will want to do weekly water changes of 30 to 50%.

With the size tank that you have right now you can do a group of tiger barbs probably 7 to 8. You will not have room to add any more fish that are top or mid level fish. What is the hardness and ph of your water? This information can usually be found online from your local water people. If you can not find the information online than you can try calling them. Depending on what your water hardness is and what the ph is you can do some type of substrate fish.

Online calculators are not always accurate, some people wil use aqadvisor to run numbers, I do this sometimes myself, but still this is not 100% accurate. Definitly in your size tank you will not be able to keep 25 fish. It may be possible if you did a dwarf species, but definitly not with the tiger barbs.

Also what type of testing kit are you using to test your water parameters with?

locksmith 09-11-2011 03:00 AM

Hi and thanks for your reply, you've all been really helpful.

The PH is usually around the 6.5 and I raise it to 7 (Neutral) . The GH is 125.3 and the KH is 107.4 and I use the API Drop tests for all tests carried out on the aquarium water.

What type of fish go well with tiger barbs ??? What do you recommend ???

The assistance here is greatly appreciated, thanks again.

BarbH 09-11-2011 03:32 AM

Any particular reason that you are raising the ph in the tank? Also how are you raising the ph? Tiger Barb will actually be fine in a ph of 6.5. For substrate fish you could do a group of corys, a whiptail catfish may work also, what is the length of your tank? You can find out more information on different types of fish in the tropical fish profiles section found at the top of the page second tab from the left. Or by clicking on the shaded name when a common or scientific name is used. The profiles section will give you information about the needs of a fish, from if they need to be kept in groups, temperment, minimum requirement on tank size and other information.

locksmith 09-11-2011 03:43 AM

The tank dimensions are :

Length = 610 mm (2 feet)
Width = 310 mm (1 foot)
Height = 380 mm (1 foot, 3 inches)

Thinking of putitng neon tetras or maybe Black Widow Tetra, not sure yet. Waiting for the tank to cycle.

Thanks again...

locksmith 09-12-2011 07:31 PM

Thanks for the assistance everyone, has been great.

Have taken the Chemizee out as suggested and when i restarted the filter, a biological bloom occurred. And 12 hours later, the ammonia had dropped from 8 ppm to 4 ppm. Also fed the tiger barbs, all eat but one, and he also appeared a bit faint compared to the others (Like when they go to sleep). Should this be a concern or is it nothing to worry about ???

Once the ammonia drops to zero, does it mean I can add two more barbs ??? Should the group of barbs be all Tiger barbs or is it best to add different types of barbs.

Once again thanks for all the advice and look forward to any feedback.

zof 09-12-2011 08:21 PM

Do your water changes, a change in color in mood in fish during cycling can probably be related to the high level of toxic material, frequent water changes are the only way to get through a fish in cycle.

Once both ammonia and nitrites are 0 you can add a few more fish, but not till then.

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