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nvmyluv420 09-03-2007 01:06 PM

how much is too much???
i have a 55 gallon tank with 6 recovering water lillies, 1 onion plant, 1 money wart, 1 frill, and 1 scarlet temple. i would like to put some more plants but im not sure if im going to become a slave to the tank or im just not going to have enough substrate for them. im new to the fresh water plants and im not sure of what its going to do to my water, my fish, ect. if anyone can give me some tips on careing for them i would be so grateful. thanx in advance.

mgamer20o0 09-03-2007 04:17 PM

how thick is the gravel now?

plants as long as they are healthy will only help your water and fish. i have tanks that all i do is change water. here and there i might trim plants.

nvmyluv420 09-04-2007 12:45 AM

my gravels only about an inch and a half, some parts two inches (my pleco likes so move the gravel). i added about 10 fertilizer tablets all over the tank and was questioning purchasing some co2. should i add more gravel, i dont know why but i didnt even think about that until you said something exspecially with my crab and pleco who love to dig and move gravel! also if you have any experience with crabs, ive noticed he likes my frill a lot, i dont think hell do too much damage but what do you think?

mgamer20o0 09-04-2007 12:58 PM

most people have 2-4 inch..... there are plenty of plants that dont need to be put in gravel. maybe thats an option. had a crab but never with plants. i would watch those fert tabs. if your plecos is moving around the gravel and uncovers one it can mess up the water. you might end up with algae out break. plus they are only really needed under big root feeding plants such as amazon swords or crypts. you might want to look into some diy co2.

nvmyluv420 09-05-2007 12:19 AM

thanx for the advice. im going to add some more gavel, probally a good layer of decorative stones over my old gravel. this way the pleco has a harder time getting the fertilizers loose. i wanted to get some floating plants but im not sure where to get them from. i only have three fish stores and petsmart is the only one who sell plants. im deffinetley going to purchase some co2. thanx agian.

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