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teddyzaper 09-04-2011 03:39 PM

IM BACK! setting up my 7.5 + jounral (hopefully)
Oh my guys. I haven't been on this forums in forever. First off, i would like to say WAZUP! some people may remember me, and i certainly remember some people.
First off, my background. I have had over 5 fish tanks throughout my young life, all of which were taken down. I had to take down all my tanks because of power outages where i lived. At one point i had a 20 gallon long saltwater with sps and a goby, that was as far as i got. I also had 2 planted tanks, a cichlid 55gal, and a small 7.5 gallon beta tank. As u can tell, i was addicted :-D. As i said, power outages made me quit, but now i have a generator, which can run a tank. I sold most of my expensive fish equipment on craigslist, but i just had to keep my 7.5 gallon cube.
For some reason i cant stay away from the hobby, so i have decided to set this tank up. I want the tank to be set up perfectly, price is not an issue (to an extent). I want to do a planted tank with only shrimp and maybe ottos. I dont remember all the fish compatability, but i am sure once i look at it a bit it will all come back to me. For plants i want it to have either an overgrown/jungle feel (easier to keep) or the perfectly trimmed look. If i were to go overgrown, i would have some dwarf lillies, and a lot of taller plants, whereas if i went trimmed it would be mostly moss with a bit of background plants.
What i need help with for this tank is lighting and filtering. I had a light for it which was 20 some watts, but i sold that, along with the filter. I want the best for my little aquatic friends, and i also want it to look amazing. this tank will be on my desk in my rec room for all to see so it needs to look clean. This means no HOB filter, glass tubing, preferably a clamp on pendant fixture, ext. i can make a bit of the stuff, like a stand for the light, but i cant make the light itself. I think you guys get the point. I also need the filter to be able to fit a heater to heat the tank. I can do a tiny refuge if needed, but like 5 gallons max. Then again, an overflow could be a problem. Oh well, im ranting.

Thanks so much! thanks for helping me when i was a newby and getting me obsessed with this amazing hobby.

teddyzaper 09-04-2011 04:22 PM

light. yes, no? good for plants or not? im trying to find stuff for the tank now that its a weekend :P

teddyzaper 09-04-2011 04:42 PM

glass pipes. These are the pipes i wanted. BTW that is also the website i am getting my plants from. I have ordered from them before, and it was a dream come true, perfect plants, speedy, nice selection, top quality.

teddyzaper 09-04-2011 04:54 PM

Sorry for excessive spam, but im just trying to keep updating when i find stuff or decide on stuff. Anyways, ive talked to my mom about this and it will either be in the rec room or the living/dining room. Both of which mean that it needs to be flawless. So, ive decided to go with the trimmed look. I will be using all moss, most of which will come from here. I will be using Flame moss as accents on rocks, weeping moss as a miniature tree, star moss on the wood features, and perhaps pelia, or another ground cover like this, or this. i may also have a tiny accent plant in the center. I plan on having bamboo shoots for hidey holes for fish/shrimp (idea for that website) and rocks scattered.

teddyzaper 09-04-2011 04:56 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 36335

thats what i want to do, on a smaller scale.

MarinePsycho 09-04-2011 09:06 PM

Wow, that tree in the picture above seems epic.

teddyzaper 09-04-2011 10:37 PM

i know right! im excited to try and replicate it, although finding the right piece might take a while

teddyzaper 09-06-2011 11:57 PM

Plans, plans, plans
OK, so after much research, i want to do i high-tech setup with multiple substrate layers (ADA soil) and co2. I have created a list of all the mechanical items minus the light, still looking for one (i want a pendant light with good light [LED]).


Marine Depot-
Mr. Aqua Hardwood elm Stand 12x12x29
Power Sand - S (2 liters)
Tourmaline BC
Aqua Soil - Malaya (3 liters) - Normal type
Aqua soil - Malaya (3 liters) - Powder type
Texas Select Driftwood (xsm) X2
Yamaya Stone (2lbs)
Aquatic Magic-
Nano Co2 diffuser
Gamba XII bubble counter
Chameleon drop checker
Magic lily pipe (if cansiter filter)
Shirakura shrimp food 30g (S)
Rhinox Co2 tubing 2m
Check Valve
Fish street store-
Resun magi internal pump
Resun CY2O 3in1 filter
Boyo ef05 3in1 filter
25w crystal glass heater

Total price w/o light: $374

This is an acceptable price, leaves me with over $200 for a light + fish + plants.

All good, has anyone tried these filters before? Ive ordered from ADA, Marine depot and Aquatic magic, all perfect deliveries with quality items. Fish street on the other hand looks like cheaper knock offs, but i cannot find a small canister filter minus one that ive TRIED to use, but it was broken when i got it, so i returned it and will never use one again.

I know some people may think that the layers of soil/substrate are useless, and i would like to know why you think that if that is the case, if not, what do you think of it?

teddyzaper 09-07-2011 06:48 PM

I really need help on some stuff. im suck at my stocking list.
I KNOW that i want a colony of either snowball shrimp or tiger shrimp.
I also know that i want at least 3 ottos for cleaning wood, rock, and glass
The problem i am having is that i dont know weather i should have a wild betta, like Smaragdina or i could get black neon tetras or Blue kerri tetras (all these fish are found on Aquabid)
Another option i am considering is a small school of corys. I really like the sterbia but im not sure if the tank is fit for them, it will have plenty of short grasses to hide in and play in, along with a section of bare substrate.


Cory pack
Wild betta

x10 shrimp

x3-5 otto

I want this tank to be focused around the plants, Amano style.

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