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tangy 09-01-2007 02:10 PM

10 Gallon Tanks

GregV 09-01-2007 03:37 PM

that spotlight effect is frigging cool!

Falina 09-01-2007 05:07 PM

Looking nice Tangy.

I love Steve!!!!!

tangy 09-02-2007 02:08 PM

I added some rocks today. I also found the little box where he first came from when I bought him. He is shedding and needed some light so I decided to give him a little basking area. I got the idea from another member here, just that mine isnt as good. :D
w/o light
with light(plan to get a brighter one)

Witchery 09-05-2007 06:57 AM

Great pics for a phone and I like what you have done...a nice setup :welldone:

tangy 09-23-2007 06:42 PM

i got a new red eared slider. :D her name is Hana. She is the exact same size as Steve when i got him. Shows me how much Steve has grown. And here I believed he wasnt growing one bit :roll:
U can see how big Steve is (bottom)compared to Hana.
Same here:

Then some comparison pics outta the tank. Didnt look quite as well as I had though.

Then my bro got one as well. He named it Rafael(TMNT in the making :P ) I had to set it up. Didnt bother me much, though(except for that cursed curved air line :? )
This is how small he is compared to a finger :P

willow 09-24-2007 10:20 AM

great pics,i think the turtles are cute. :)

Falina 09-24-2007 02:21 PM

Hail turtles!

serpaekeeper45 09-24-2007 03:54 PM

wow those turtles are cute!!!! i like ur brothers tank too.

MegK 09-24-2007 07:12 PM

aw cute.. but my wall-e is cuter :twisted: 8)

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