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sholi 09-02-2011 09:06 PM

Thinking and need help on a 55g freshwater community?
What i really want

-4 silver hatchertfish
-6 white skirt tetras
-3 angelfish (2 female:1 male)
-1 kissing gourami

So i want highly bottom dwellers which are not nocturnal and will eat any fish eggs
and also the bottom dwellers can survive for their lifespan on food which i will feed flakes for 3 days, peas for 2 days, and bloodworms for 1 day. One day, no food.

Consider the bottom dwellers first, and if suggested, I really want to add a higly top tank dweller, which they can live indenpendently like butterfly fish, but i dont choose butterflies because of their huge mouths to eat my hatchets.
Or they can live well in a group of 3 or less.

And if i can, i really want to try and get 1 more schooling fish. (according to if i can get any bottom dwellers and top dwellers) What are some suggested schooling fish that can thrive happily with these other fish?

If you don't understand, heres something that will make you understand what im trying to say...
-So the fish listed above are the fish that i really want for my tank, no other i mean...

-The first thing i'm thinking about is getting some bottom dwellers, (another quick tip: no advanced fish like ghost knives, "not ready for that yet~" :D)
- bottom dwellers which they can survive on 3 days of flakes, 2 days of peas, and 1 day on bloodworms.
-bottom dwellers on which they will eat any unwanted fish eggs.
-bottom dwellers which they are not nocturnal
-bottom dwellers which they can thrive with the fish i really want.
~So saying that, any suggestions on what fish can live in these conditions?

-The second thing i really want is if i can get any other top dwellers, besides african butterflies. And which they can live with the fish wanted, and the bottom dweller fish suggested.

-The last thing i want if i can have anymore is another school of fish that can live with the wanted fish, the suggested bottom dwellers, and the suggested top dwellers.

Thank you so much everyone!!!! Sorry for making it so hard on you!!!

ladayen 09-03-2011 12:27 AM

Hmm.. cant think of anything that meets your criteria, but I do see a problem with your wish list.

Black Skirts are fin nippers and it is strongly recommended you do not keep them with angels.

I would question feeding peas 2 days a week.. maybe 1 day every 2 weeks at best.

Would recommend a few more hatchet fish as well, they are incredibly neat in large groups.

Byron 09-03-2011 11:37 AM

I agree,there are problems with your proposed list of fish. I will point out major issues, but more info is available in our profile of the species. Fish profiles are under the second tab from the left in the blue bar across the top of the page, and are arranged under families. Angelfish are cichlids for instance, tetra are characins, etc. If the common or scientific name in the profile is used exactly the same in a post it will shade and you can click on that to see the profile, example Pterophyllum scalare (angelfish).

A 55g is good for a group of angelfish, i wold get 5-6. The profile explains why.

Some tetra will nip fins on slow-moving fish like angels, some will not (or shouldn't). The profile mentions some suitable companions. White skirt tetra is a variant of the original black widow tetra (sometimes commonly called black skirt tetra) and this fish is more likely to fin nip so should not be combined with angelfish.

Kissing gourami is not a good match, that is explained in the profile. Hatchetfish are characins and thus shoaling fish, needing a group. The more the better with hatchets, they definitely are better (health, behaviour, interaction) with more in the group, I would suggest no less than 9. There are several species, many are in the profiles under Characins.

Most fish will eat eggs if they find them, and they usually do. Most catfish are nocturnal. Loaches are not, so there is an option for a substrate fish. Many species are in the profiles, loaches are under Cyprinids. Some get too large for a 55g, but several would be fine; also a shoaling fish so a group of 6+ is necessary.

No mention is made of water parameters, some fish have specific requirements, others are more adaptable to some extent. This also is covered in the profiles.


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