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sean117Ply 08-31-2007 04:48 AM

Why Aquaria
So why aquaria, I ask this because I want to know why you have chosen aquaria as a hobby/passion and also what past experiences you have encountered keeping aquariums good and bad. Dont forget to add your favourite fish and setup.

Okay I will start first. To be honest I used to think fish were lame untill one day (dont ask why) I bought a 3 Footer. I set it all up in the kitchen, the next day I went to buy a few fish (not knowing about the cycle of course) so natually i went towards the gold fish and just happend to notice the african cichlids IT BEGAN from there on i was obsessed.

The colors, shapes, patterns. I bought 5 assorted cichlids and took them home. After two weeks 2 died. I took in a water sample and found out why, Thats when i discovered the cycle. I cleaned it out and the rest suvived.

The next problem in the novice aquaria handbook was the agression always chasing and nipping. The lfs told me to bring the agressors and trade them for more passive fish, everything was back to normal.

Since the early days (1 and a half years :wink: ) it been a smooth ride. I love just watching them they are so calming to watch when they are not killing each other. Since then I have a few more tanks: Discus and your average tropicals. My favourite fish would have to be acei, clown loach, blue dimond discus, yellow lab and lucky last Neolamprologus leleupi. :D

fish_4_all 08-31-2007 09:23 AM

#1: For the most part fish don't Bite
#2: They don't get parasites that I have to worry about biting me
#3: Most rentals don't mind if you have aquaria
#4: They rarely run away:
#5: It only costs pennies a day to feed them. And even if oyu have 1,000 fish it will cvost less than having 3 dogs and 7 cats.
#6: Fish don't tear apart your house if oyu leave them home instead of tkaing them with you.
#7: Aquaria can be changed in hundreds of ways
#8: You can set up an aquaria in almost any location
#9: Fish are smarter than some dogs and cats
#10: Last but not least, Aquaria are almost always new and interesting for anyone who comes over regardless of how many times they have seen them. When was the last time you remember a good friend coming over and spending hours looking at your cat?

jones57742 08-31-2007 02:55 PM


When I "was a young teenager" I enjoyed guppies and bettas and " breeding and raising them".

I had a betta tank the type of which I have not seen since I reentered fish keeping. It was long and narrow and had approximately 5 slots into which glass plates could be placed. Hence 5 male bettas or separation between a male and female until the nest could be blown.

I "dreamed of a big, big aquarium" which would be built into a house but obviously young teenagers do not have the funds available in order to fulfill this dream.

Most of my adult life I lived in one bedroom apartments and the last one for 22 years (would probably still be living there except that the management started giving me "grief" about my puppy dog which I had had for approximately 3 years) so, hence, still no "dream come true".

Even though a "complete remodel" was accomplished of the house which I purchased I could not "architect in" an appropriate location for a "built in" aquarium.

Instead I purchased this "money pit".


beetlebz 08-31-2007 04:13 PM

first off, i dont think ive ever seen your tank Ron, well done! its beautiful :)

as for why I got into aquaria..

I always wanted animals, and after my dog passed away probably 10 years ago my parents were dead set against more pets. BUT once I had the money.. I decided on small cageable animals so they couldnt complain TOO much and got myself a ferret. one ferret turned into 3 really REALLY fast. After that I decided "what the heck!". my friend sarah has a bunch of fish tanks and I always loved watching them... sooo I got myself a 29G tank from walmart and got hooked (no pun intended!)

now I have a 110 gallon tall that im picking up on sunday, a 10g vivarium that im retrofitting for some kinda amphibian, and probably another 30g for my desk :lol: oh, and i still have my 29G tank is tarted with.

theres really not much I enjoy more than sitting after a really long day and watching my severums and gouramis dart all over the place eatin up flakes and bloodworms, or watching the severums line up at the glass and check me out. oh, and my favorite fish so far is my green severums :)

jeaninel 08-31-2007 10:06 PM

Well, my sister in law got me started. I remember she got a 55 gallon tank for her birthday. Once she had it all set up and going I just thought it was so beautiful. I loved just sitting and watching the fish. I told my husband "I want a fish tank". And so I bought a 20 gallon tank. My sister in law had had fish before so she was very helpful on giving me tips. That was 10 years ago but I am still always learning something new. I am finally going to a larger tank (55 gallon) and I can't wait to get it!

I have a lot of favorite fish. Some of my favorites are angels, gouramis, and lately SA cichlids. I had a black marble angel that was so friendly. He would always come out and wiggle for me when he saw me. He even would let me pet him. And I swear he and his tankmate, a gold angel, would watch tv. I had the pair for about 5 years. I didn't realize a 20 gallon was considered too small for them. They were the only fish in it and seemed to be happy.

Falina 09-01-2007 08:38 AM

I got into fish because when I moved out of my mums house I had to leave my wee dog there :cry: as I am out all aday at work or uni and couldn't look after her. I really wanted some sort of animal that I could keep and look after so for my birthday I received a little 10g tank in which I put some cories (and there started the cory obsession!) and a betta. I then decided I would like to try some other fish and so bought a 35g tank which was a good size because it wa sbig enough to give me some more options but not very big since I live in a small flat.

That's how the hobby started and I plan to continue it. When I have some more money I would love to get myself a nice big tank (big but not huge as like I said the flat is small) about 70g or something and turn it into a nice community tank so I can have some experience with other fish as I still have limited experience with anything other than cories.

jones57742 09-01-2007 11:00 AM


I do not know what you do for a living but is it not "nice and peaceful" to enjoy your fishies. I do a bunch.


As you are aware I very much enjoy my sterbai and you have helped me and, I believe, many folks on the Forum with your detailed posts.


Andyandsue 09-01-2007 06:22 PM

I love animals and always (and still do) had a dog. I only had a guppy here and there as a kid. A little over a year ago, we fish-sat a neighbor's goldfish in a bowl. I thought maybe we could get one. That is when I started doing some research and found out a bowl is no home for a goldfish! I've read and learned, and am proud to say I'm now pretty good at what I do in regard to my tanks. Never did get the goldfish! LOL

Mating Slinkys 09-02-2007 02:35 AM

Werl... My parents had no idea what to get me for last christmas, so i ended up with a little 10g tank, that i naievely filled with all sorts of pretty fish, including my 2 angels and a plec. Then i did some research and found out how big angels get... Since then the tanks have been through a few revisions, and have gradually mounted up as i've attempted to re-home the angels on a modest budget. I now have 4 tanks, 3.3, 10, 35 and 52 g. They just seem to have appeared really.

As a few other folks have posted, i rent my spot, so no furries. But Fish tanks are ok, so i got stuck in. I never realised quite how addictive this hobby is, and now am absolutely dying to get the 52g set up properly (i.e with fish in, dam cycles)

So from here it's only onwards!

willow 09-02-2007 06:19 AM

ok...why aquaria.
well i have always liked the look of them,and to cut a long
story short
i bought a tank and started,i had some insight as my brother
used to keep fish,however not enogh insight because
i have managed to kill quite a few fish,as i am inpatient,
and thought i knew enough(Big mistake yes Huge)
well now thanks to the friends i have met along the way
i am getting there.Big thank you to Friends :D
The next thing i would like,is a Marine.
that would be the ultimate.

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