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tf1265 09-01-2011 12:40 PM

Water Lily - information needed
I have a water lily growing in one of my 10 gallon tanks. The pH is slightly basic (7.6-7.8) and the water is slightly hard (don't remember the parameters, but do remember testing and it was on the hard side. Nothing extreme though).

I have 2x15W bulbs in the hood, they are on about 12-15 hours a day.

It grew from a bulb, I had my doubts that it would grow at all as it took several months to sprout, but it finally has.

It's growing very very quickly. The stems and leaves are all a reddish-brown color. Is this normal? I was treating the tank with Rid Ick + when it sprouted.

I have several zebra danios and platies in the tank. Are water lilies OK with these fish? What fish, if any, are they not OK with in case I change my stock? Will it just grow until it overtakes my tank if I don't trim it, or will it eventually stop?

Thanks for the help. Kind of a random purchase that I didn't research ahead of time, and now I'm worried!

Christople 09-01-2011 12:43 PM

12-15 hours a day is too much, 8-12 is a more desirable time frame... do you use liquid ferts, what is the substrate and if you have other plants it may shade the tank, dimming the lights. It is normal for it to be reddish brown, as you most likely have a red tiger lotus lily

tf1265 09-01-2011 12:48 PM

Ah, thank you. I'll check out that profile, I was wondering why I couldn't find one.

Do you say it's too much time for the lights to be on for the sake of the plants, or the fish? Or both?

I don't use ferts but i"m thinking of starting. I have a couple amazon swords and an anubias plant in there as well, so nothing that requires a LOT of light. Gravel substate.

Christople 09-01-2011 01:29 PM

amazon swords are pretty demanding... i mean too long for the sake of algae... If the sword does well, then great job

Byron 09-02-2011 10:40 AM

If that is a red Tiger Lotus it will overgrow your 10g once it gets going. And it needs nutrients, either a nutritious substrate or liquid fertilizer. I have fairly good growth with the latter in a gravel substrate tank. It is a 90g with two of these plants and the leaves cover the surface completely. As noted in the profile, continually removing the floating leaves [it naturally sends up floating leaves] should cause it to eventually have submersed leaves, though I've never tried this as I use it for the floating leaves.


Christople 09-02-2011 10:44 AM

it works... the one in my thirty eight gallon has like 12 leaves and it adds so much contrast

tf1265 09-02-2011 12:04 PM

Thanks! It has already shot up so fast I can't believe it. It sprouted a week ago and it already has 2 stems with leaves at the surface.

Please tell me how to remove the floating leaves. Where do I trim, at the base of the stem? Or just the leaves? Or halfway up?

I'm very new to trimming live plants in an aquarium, this is the first one that has gotten large enough for me to really worry about trimming. I'd love to have some leaves at or near the surface to block out some light, but I don't want it to overtake my tank and block all the light.

PS after reading the profile, I'm positive it is a Red Tiger Lotus

Byron 09-02-2011 12:10 PM

Cut the leaf stem right near the base (at the tuber/bulb). Otherwise it will slowly rot if the leaf is removed. You can try removing some of the floating leaves and see what happens. I have read that if enough are removed continually the plant only produces lower leaves, but I don't know if one can get some lower growth and some floating. Christople may know that since he has done this.

Christople 09-02-2011 12:59 PM

they just take longer to grow tall I believe

Fisherofmen 09-02-2011 10:11 PM

This sounds interesting. I will have to do some research on the Water Lily. Petsmart has the bulbs.
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