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Justinskym51 08-30-2007 07:24 PM

Point of a Calcium Reactor?
Hello All,

I have always just put calcium supplements in by hand.

How does one benefit of a calcium reactor?
What does it do?
Can these be HOB?
What would be a good one for a 30g SPS coral tank?

Thanks for your help!


caferacermike 08-31-2007 06:44 AM

Because you will no longer have to add supplements by hand.

The idea is that you fill them with an aragonite product, circulate water through it, add CO2 which mixes with the saltwater creating an acid like liquid that will eat away at the aragonite, drips high PH CA drenched water back into the tank. This creates a stable marine environment. Your ALK, CA, and PH will become a lot more stabilized, plus you won't need supplements. In a small tank I'd do 10g weekly water changes. It's the best thing you can do for a small tank. Not only will life thrive in the clean environment but your salt mix will replace all essential trace minerals.

But if you have to have one they come in every shape and size imaginable. The concept is simple enough, I've even seen people fill TLF phosphate reactors with aragnoite sand and just push water through that. As the particles grind away the CA will flow back into the tank. You just won't get the high ALK and PH from the CO2 mix. Shop around with MRC, Deltec, PM, Trigger Fish Sytems, and other custom acrylic manufactures and ask them to make you a HOT model. It won't need to be HOT either. For a small set up like that you might try a siphon and gravity feed the pumps. These things use a large pump to recirculate water over and over through the media and only a small amount drips back in. The pumps might push the effluent drip back up and into the tank with some experimenting.

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