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Mirta 08-30-2007 11:07 AM

Neon, Cardinal Tetras
My question is about tetras. I have only sad experience with them when I bought a school for my new 80 gal tank (cycled) and they all died out in a matter of two weeks apparently from ich.

My tank population comprises 5 cories, two golden gouramis, 5 cherry barbs, one ancistrus and a group of apple snails.

I love tetras, they would be a nice addition to this tank since it has dark water (from bogwood).

The other day I bought a couple of cardinal tetras. I know, there should be more, it is a schooling fish, but I was afraid of diseases, besides they only had the remaining two for sale. Others where a new arrival and they where on a quarantine. Today I came to purchase some more and when they were already in the bag I noticed that their tiny fins were flared. I bought some neons instead. But when I brought them home I discovered that their fins were also sort of fringed. They looked fine otherwise.

Could it be because of water condition or this is a sign of a disease? I wanted to go there tomorrow and get more cardinals and neons. I only wish to know that they won't disappear in week or so and most of all I am worried about infections. The store's staff isn't helpful with any advice on that.

Has anyone had any experience with those beauties' fins and tails?

Puffer 08-30-2007 11:35 AM

In my experience i have had about the same luck you have , now i bought 10 neon one's about 3 months ago and there doing just fine, from what i have experienced with them is some of the fish you have in there might stress them out, and make sure you have lots of live plants in there,also they love that,wood ect,feed them brine shrimp, but with the fins? i would maybe look around at a different never know ,you could put something in there that will infect the rest of your colony

Lupin 08-30-2007 05:36 PM

Re: Neon, Cardinal Tetras
I find cardinals hardier than the neons.

Mirta 08-31-2007 02:03 AM

Thank you both for answering!

I have two cardinals and three neons in there now. I was reading a lot yesterday about them and watching their behaviour in the tank. One of the tiny neons was chasing and attacking one of the sluggish cardinals. I think he was nippping the poor fatty.

I guess I am going to take a risk and buy some more cardinals and neons today. Their colours and behaviour seem to be fine and it is only the fins that are worrying me. That, however maybe due to nipping and transportation. Those cardinals were in the shop for more than two weeks on quarantine. I haven't noticed neons but I will ask. They all need company as far as I can understand.

Another factor that increases their chances to survive is the planting. Somehow my tank is not so heavily planted yet. I have vallisneria dominating in the tank but those little red snails make huge holes in the leaves. However, the tank is big enough for all the people there and the plants will grow faster than snails.

mikepcwhiz 03-18-2008 10:35 AM

Hi neons are mostly bread in the states for the trade and cardinals are all wild court the cardinals have high resistance as they were wild, the neons tank bread have less resistance so when you miss then you may loose some of the less tolerant neons. Some fish shop dont recommend the mixing of the two also it is advisable to have enough natural weed for both neons and cardinals to hide!

regards mike

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