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yippee 08-29-2011 09:54 PM

setting up 55g, ideas for stocking?
Hello All. Not sure if many of you remember me at all. I'm a returning member who has spent quite a bit of time away from the forums. Not new to tanks at all, but i just set up a new 55 gallon tank in the hallway leading from my living room to my den. Since it is going to be in a fairly high traffic area of the house i was just curious if you guys had any ideas of fish that would look really cool in that area. I have a few ideas in mind, but figured i would hear some other ideas before i decide.

Idea #1 - Southeast Asian. Barbs galore. Tigers, albino tiger, green tiger, black ruby, checkerboard, snakeskin, hexazona, etc. SAEs, maybe a few loaches, a few danios, etc. Nice planted tank of course. Lots of smaller active fish against a lush greenery.

Idea #2 - Amazonian. Mixed Angelfish varieties. 2 or 3 shoals of different tetras (Rummynose, lemon, penguin, blue, pristella), hatchets, otocinclus, farlowella, corys of some kind, rams, etc. Nice planted tank again. A few larger friendly fish that draw you to the tank and greet you at the glass with other smaller fish to fill in the gaps against lush greenery.

Those are the main two ideas i'm sorting through right now, definitely open to other ideas.

Byron 08-30-2011 11:30 AM

Hi, and welcome back. I remember you, it has been a while.

Solely on the basis of it being high traffic, I would go with the barb setup over the Amazonian; angelfish can get quite nervous with lots of activity. They may or may not settle down in time, but I wouldn't risk it.


yippee 08-30-2011 10:46 PM

It has been quite a while, nice to see someone remembers me! I am leaning towards barbs - mainly just because i've always loved barbs and haven't had a barb tank in probably a year after i sold my last barb set up. I really miss them so it'd be nice to have a barb tank again.

IF I were to go with angels most of them would be coming from my 55 in my room. They're real friendly and greet everyone at the front glass.

Still, I think the barbs will be a fun tank for the space they're going in. Anybody else have suggestions? Always open to hear other ideas.

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