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Grimmjow 08-29-2011 08:02 AM

Can you move crypts?
Since they melt when you mess with their roots (right?) how would you move one? Mine in my 20H is about touching the top of the water and has sprouted up a couple other places. In case I would want to move it, or maybe just take one of the sprouts.

1077 08-29-2011 09:22 AM

When I have had occasion to move crypt's which I presently have about five species of,,I pull the plant up gently, trim about a quarter to a half inch of the root's off to encourage new growth and then place a root tab under it upon re-placement.
I try to leave them alone, for moving mine,, in my particular tank,,generally stop's growth for a couple weeks.
Some time ago, I began using fertilizer plugs called.. OSMOCOTE POT SHOT's they are a little better in my view to many of the commercial root tabs but about two per twenty gallon's would be all I would try if one were so inclined.
I use around four to five in 80 gallon planted tank around every three to four month's under sword plant's, and larger crypt's.They contain macro-nutrient's that plant's thrive on, but should be buried deep in substrate and prolly good idea not to disturb this area after placement.

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