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beetlebz 08-29-2007 01:54 AM

River Tank Rebirth!! photo journal
Soooo I went ahead and got my hands on an old River Tank, which is basically a system from the days of old using plastic molded pieces to make a series of waterfalls in a small aquarium for really active fish. heres the thread I started about it.

at any rate im going to improvise and modify it slightly to allow me to have some kind of amphibious creature(s). what? who knows, but I want this baby to MOVE SOME WATAAAHHH. ahem.

first off, heres the tank

and heres a rough idea from the top down of how it works

here is the pump I chose to use, at least for now. Its out of a fountain I have on my front porch that I never got around to wiring up. you can get them just about any home depot, lowes, or similar stores. I will probably need to get a bigger one eventually but this one will work for now.

to extend the tiny length of hose that was already attached to the pump I cannibalized an old washing machine hose that was in my workshop. I had to whittle down the raw end of the washing machine hose to squeeze it in, but for now until I get to home depot for some real stuff, this will work just fine :)

last step for the pre-trials was to fill her with water and let her rip. this "dry" test turned out to be anything but!! the tank itself was the ONLY part of this mamma jamma that did NOT leak. you can see the even water level in the tank all the way across... its supposed to be about 50% less water in the left hand side of the tank. Off to home depot for some aquarium safe silicone when I get some cash. stupid non-profit job :evil:

ultimately that pump will be hidden BEHIND the plastic molding, I just wanted to see how bad the leaks were and how much junk would wash out of the cracks that I missed when washing it, and to see if the pump I have would work in this application. I think everything will work just fine!

next step will be removing the plastic molding from the tank. and thats only IF it will be possible without cracking it. I might have to get creative with the silicone and do it in place.

STAY TUNED!!! ill be journaling every step of this project through the use of my digital camera :)

Daz 08-29-2007 02:05 AM

Looking good. 8)

beetlebz 08-29-2007 04:25 PM

well, after some discussion im starting to wonder if any amphibians or reptiles would be suitable for such a small swimming area and an even smaller basking area. I have another bigger tank coming this week, so perhaps I'll dissect the principle of the river tank and some of its parts and use it in a bigger tank. Time will tell though! stay tuned for updates :)

Daz 08-29-2007 04:49 PM

Get the larger tank and put some Herps in. You know you want to. 8)

beetlebz 09-09-2007 11:12 AM

update! the tank.... has fallen :(

Today I set about removing the rivertank insert and cleaning everything. I used a scraper and razor blade to remove the old silicone, and washed it in the sink with regular dawn. this is what she looks like all taken out and put back together, minus the tank

but alas, when I was washing the tank, a little too much pressure on what im sure was a pre-existing chip or crack...

devastation :( im just going to chuck it seeing as 10 gallon tanks are so cheap. i might get a 15 or 20 and use the insert in that tank instead. time will tell, ill keep yall posted.

Amphitrite 09-11-2007 01:13 PM

Sorry to hear about the tank Beetz, that's tough :( Better to have found out about the chip now than later though when you had it all set up.

Anyway.. now's the chance to get a bigger tank, and you will have more options as to what you can keep in it ;)

saint 11-19-2007 06:57 PM

any further updates?

beetlebz 11-21-2007 12:19 AM

actually yes! lol i just have to take my fire camera out of my car and snap some pics.

I wound up acquiring a 20 gallon long tank, and Gladiator, Sarge, and Dash, 3 firebellied toads :D At the moment im just getting a feel for the little guys, taking care of them and such before I go nuts trying to landscape their tank. I wound up using too deep of a layer of eco complete on top of the gravel and it is seeping into the water. since I dont have a filter until tomorrow, that = brown water lol

BUT as time becomes available (which isnt often between 2 jobs and fighting fires) I will be working out some new ideas for layouts. I want to do a false-bottom to hide a submersible filter with a waterfall discharge, but only time will tell how feasible it really is ;)

willow 11-21-2007 01:58 AM

:D sounds cool,
can't wait for pics. :)

beetlebz 11-22-2007 12:14 PM

welp, here is the temporary trial setup all laid out. Im still missing some stuff so bear with me! lol Im using a fish heater on a low setting to keep the water/tank warm, and I goofed a bit. we made it WAY too shallow, so we built the land area up more using that eco earth stuff you have to soak to expand it... but anyway.

the water gets through the gravel with ease and the eco earth i think is turning the water brown. sooo we need to add more gravel so the eco earth substrate is sitting ABOVE the waterline entirely to keep the water clean. THEN i need to find a filter, maybe a tiny canister, to discharge the water up on a shelf inside the cage. then using a ramp the toads will have water, and then 2 levels of land to hide out if they want to go up by the lights to warm up more. that will make a sweet little waterfall as the water runs down and back to the filter. but at any rate... here is the trial tank

there are 3 firebellies, gladiator, sarge and dash in there at the moment. this one here is gladiator :)

stay tuned for more!

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