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beetlebz 08-28-2007 11:30 PM

what kind of filter would float my boat... err... fish
soo as alot of you know im getting a 110 gallon tank this coming sunday (joy!) but the guy im getting it from isnt 100% sure (or even 50% sure for that matter) if he has a filter for it laying around that he isnt going to use.

SO im starting to research different filters in the event I need to buy myself one. for starters.. whats the real primary difference between canister filters and HOB filters? I understand that a canister filter gets the big chunk off the back of the tank, but what else does it do that makes it worth the oodles and oodles of dollars they cost?

and would it be as effective (if not cheaper!) to get a pair of penguin 350 filters for the back rather than a big canister filter?

and my biggest question of all.... why is there such a huge inconsistency between brands, GPH, and aquarium size? for example ill list a few

fluval 405 340gph 100 gallon tank
eheim classic 2215-37 163gph 93 gallon tank
marineland C360 360gph 100 gallon tank
penguin 350 (HOB) 350gph 75 gallon tank
hagen 428 (HOB) 500gph 110 gallon tank

thats just a couple. what gives, and what kind of flow do i ACTUALLY need?

Lupin 08-29-2007 01:31 AM

The flow rate and filtration capacity needed is dependent on the fish and bioload respectively. I daresay you buy two filters rather than one so that in case, one fails to work, the other will until you sort out the problematic filter.

mr.bojangles 08-29-2007 07:00 AM

i would go with the ehiem 22-17... i hav good experience them and ther quiet. as for fluval dont bother we get ppl bring them back all the time cuz the clunk out so fast. if u wanted to id do both

get the ehiem 22-15 and say an aqua clear 50 or 70. then u hav both if 1 clunks out and extra aeration because of the HOB

mHeinitz57 08-29-2007 07:30 PM

yeah, there really is no regulations on what gph is required for a certain tank size so each company will have a different suggestion. Personally I have had a lot of luck with Rena canister filters and for that tank I would use the Rena xP2. It is a simple design with 3 baskets for media. Basically you just throw sponges in one, carbon and zeolite in another and biomedia in the last basket. The xp2 is rated for 175 gallon tanks and i've seen it work beautifully on a 150 gallon pond display. The canister filters are nice because you get more filtration media, it can be hidden inside the stand, the input and output tubes can be placed on opposite sides of the tank for better circulation and the output tube can get very deep inside the tank. THats my suggestion for canister filters. If you descide to go with HOB filters then the penguins are awesome choices.

willow 08-30-2007 04:13 PM

just to add some pennies,
i've got fluval 105 on one tank,and a fluval 305 on the other,
and a little external on the smallest ank(can't remember what it is)
and as a spare i have an Eheim 2252 internal.(very powerful)
i agree about the externals being neat and tidy,
and they are easy to maintain.

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