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Jerhyer 08-26-2011 09:59 AM

Aquarium Light Question
Last night I purchased an Aqueon T5 dual lamp fixture 48 inches long. It has one 6500k bulb and one full spectrum bulb. My question is this going to be sufficient lighting for me to really start planting my tank?
I have a standard 55 gallon 48 inches wide. I also have playsand as my substrate and some small grave sprinkled ontop of some of the sand just to add some texture.
I have a DIY c02 system that seems to work really well bubbling from an airstone. I am going to make a diffuser to give me 100% dissolving of the c02 this weekend.
The only plants I have are some small bits of Anacharis rescued from a friends 10 gallon and another plant that i'm not sure what is that wasn't doing so well also.
I have also purchased some flourish and started 1x a week fertilizing
Any suggestions for plants not to hard to care for that would do well in the setup?

Byron 08-26-2011 11:25 AM

That will be adequate light since you are also adding CO2. You will be able to have any plants you want in that high tech of a system.

You might want to look into different nutrient fertilizers though. Flourish Comprehensive is a complete balanced nutrient source that is more intended for the natural or low-tech setups where fertilization once a week is sufficient to balance the lower light (and no added CO2). When you have high light and CO2 diffusion, you need considerably more nutrient fertilization, probably daily. I have no experience with this as all my tanks are low-tech natural systems, but I understand that dry ferts are a better option. I will leave it for those who have this setup to comment further.


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