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shootingstar26 08-25-2011 11:33 PM

Hello EVerybody.

I have a 10g tank lying around. I was thinking of doing a land/water design, but I am wondering what animals would be good.

What I had in mind was maybe crabs (like this:Geosesarma sp. "Vampire Crab" Paludarium)

Maybe frogs? What do you guys think? Has anyone done salamanders? Any and all input is appreciated.

Thank you everybody :)

stevenjohn21 08-26-2011 08:44 AM

Im in the process of making a mudskipper tank but instead of deviding the tank in half to create land/water im going to use the background as the land area. . . . similar to this
Mudskipper paludarium- an alternative solution

You could create the same effect on a smaller scale with a 10 gallon.

willow 08-26-2011 04:08 PM

i've got yellow belly toads,they don't grow big,and are easy to keep,
i have them in a half and half,i have pictures in my album showing
a tank i had before with fire belly toads.
if you want tree frogs you need a taller tank,rather than long,and not a good idea
to mix species ever either.
if you type into youtube tree frog set ups,or toad set ups,you'll see some easy
to set up tanks.
good luck,and lets us know what you decide.

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