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k19smith 08-23-2011 11:58 PM

90G peacock tank yellow or red?
Well I'm not 100% sure on this yet but I do happen to have an empty 90G with pretty much everything I need to set it up, it already has sand in it and a painted blue background and sides. I want to have fish I can enjoy but also breed to sale. I'm kinda set at the moment that I would like to have the yellow peacocks. I'd would just like to hear peoples input, how many, does it need to be a species only tank? I've never had peacocks but looking around I seems drawn to these.

rrcoolj 08-24-2011 09:30 AM

Well if you are going to breed peacocks you may only be able to breed one species. Female peacocks of almost every species look identical so they can hybridize easily. But you have a good size tank so a speceis tank would be nice. I would get like 3-4 males and 9-12 females. Or you can do 1m and several females and add in some peacful mbuna like acei.

amberjade 08-24-2011 09:52 AM

Yep, stick with one species of peacock - otherwise you'll have issues trying to sell the mutts. There is always demand for dragon reds - really red peacocks are hard to come by. :)
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k19smith 08-24-2011 03:40 PM

I must have been tired, I am planning on only going with one type of peacocks but I was wondering how they do with tank mates and breeding or if they would be better alone. Any general pointers on happy peacock breeding would be great.

rrcoolj 08-24-2011 08:48 PM

They really are not hard fish to breed. They should spawn willingly. As mentioned have several females to each male and your good. You may be able to add some small synodontis catfish/ bichirs. As I said a peaceful mbuna like acei will also work. You may even be able to keep rainbowfish with them.

k19smith 08-24-2011 10:17 PM

I have emailed a guy about getting 11 yellow adults 10 female one male, we have not settled on a price yet but I'm really hoping we can work something out. I'm really just trying to set the tank up best to suit them, if it would be possible to have something else in the tank I may consider it. I haven't really researched tank mates as I'm still trying to learn about the peacocks. If these yellows don't work out red is my second choice.

rrcoolj 08-25-2011 06:00 AM

I would get red peacocks with yellow labs. The tank will look better with the contrast.

k19smith 08-25-2011 11:28 AM


Originally Posted by rrcoolj (Post 798845)
I would get red peacocks with yellow labs. The tank will look better with the contrast.

I do think that would make for a nice tank, I also like some of the blue peacocks but with the background being painted blue I don't think they will look right. The yellow peacocks have been harder for me to find which is why I'm leaning toward them.

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