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martian123 08-23-2011 09:22 AM

how to tell when mystery snails are dead
every time i but mystery snails they live and eat fine for about a week and then my fish (mostly my swordtails) will start pecking it of the glass until it falls of the wall. they will do this for hours until it falls and just stays on the ground. i am assuming it dies because there is no way for it to get food. it will just lay there for days. when i take them out they smell AWFUL. i asked the girl and my lfs and she said that it wasn't dead unless it came out of its shell but i thought there is no way something could smell that bad and still be living. can somebody clarify this for me because i dont want to be throwing away live animals........

BarbH 08-23-2011 09:57 AM

When snails die they may come out of the shell completely or partially, because the muscle that keeps them in the shell will relax. I have had snails that have not come out of their shell, if they are partially out of the shell when you take them out of the water they will not retract into the shell. They will definitly smell bad, there is no mistaking the smell of a dead snail :sick:

martian123 08-23-2011 02:38 PM

thank you that makes me feel a little better

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