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beetlebz 08-27-2007 01:25 PM

mixing and matching cory cats
soo when I set up my 30 gallon tank i was advised to get only 2 cory cats, which I kinda regretted after coming here and reading up on them. SO yesterday I bought 2 julii cory cats to go with my 2 peppered cory cats. one of my peppereds is still a little stressed out (or at least his color would lead me to think so, hes got dark black splotches where he was a nice light greenish sparkley color before) but all the corys now hang out together and have a blast.

anyway my questions are these...
1) if I got 2 more julii would the 4 julii school with the 2 peppered? or would i be better off with like 2 sterbai?

2)the cory cats seem just dandy hanging out on the bottom of my 30 gal, but would it be too cramped for 6 or 7 (2 or 3 more) of them? they are the only bottom dwellers, even the pleco is coming out of that tank soon. and there is lots of fake plants.

thanks in advance :)

coley 08-27-2007 03:06 PM

I have 7 Corys in my 20 gallon now. 2 adult Julii, 3 young Julii, and 2 Bronze (green) adult Cories. They are all frendly to each other and they have plenty of their own space, but it seems like the 2 adult Juliis keep together and the 2 Greens stay together and the young ones pretty much do what they want....mostly eating or constantly looking for food...alone.

It really depends on the individual fish. They might shoal with other types, they might shoal with their own....and they might not, but they most likely will all get along.

I originally had 3 adult Juliis and one didn't make it. That really changed the "personality" of the other two adults JC. They became very shy and hide most of the day. I tried to give them some friends, but the only Julii's I found, at the time, were very young and the older ones didn't take to them. I'm really wondering what will happen when the babies get full size.

Falina 08-27-2007 06:10 PM

Cories generally prefer to school with their own species however they will be peaceful towards other species.

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