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HeadCorders 08-16-2011 08:31 AM

Red Jewels
Hi, I am new to the forum and to the fishes as well. I have a quick questions about my jewel cichlids. So far for the last couple of months I have had one red and one gray with the black dots, Now the red one and VERY red and the gray one is now red. He was gray yesterday and red this morning.The have always selected caves on opposite ends of the tank and rarely interact except for now the once-gray-now-red one (His name is BJ) is chasing the Very red one (Ruby- original I know). She seems to have a small nick on her dorsal fin. The once-gray-red one has been hanging out near his cave close to the filter and swimming up and down the tank at what seems to be his reflection. He will chase the other away if they get to close to his dance floor but nothing really aggressive. What should I do if anything? Thanks for any help and insight- I'm trying to learn all I can.


Hi have jewle cichlids and mine did the same thing when there breeding.The male & female will deepen in colour becoming bright red & they will chase one another around the tank.You will notice one,usually the male will start becoming territorial over a certain area of the tank & will usually clear away a spot of gravel under a rock or peice of wood,ready for the eggs to be layed there. Another reason for the deepening in colour can be a dominate thing,the most dominate fish in the tank will also be the brightest colour,this changes as the pecking order in the tank changes.

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