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tomncassie 08-14-2011 08:19 PM

freindship over tank???
About a year and a half ago i got a 55 gallon tank,lights,filter,air pimp and gravel and about two months later i got nice metal stand for it.It took me almost two years to start this tank set-up.Doing my homework and all.Then all the sudden a friend give me a 100 gallon tank so I started my plans all over for the set-up for this 100 gal tank so I bought everything I need for my 100 gall and set aside my 55.I have a friend who has a 30 gall so I asked him if he wanted the 55 and he said yes.Well its been three months since he set the 55 up and he said its great.Now I here he lost his job and is tryng to sell it on fasebook.I thought well he must be hurting for extra cash no big deal,but I also read a little later on his page that he was selling the tank cause he doesnt have the room for it anymore not so much the cash.Now the question is I can make use of the tank myself or at least sell it my self I have a family and hes single.Does it sound wrong to asks for the tank back or lesson learned.Dont want to sound like a prick but I dont think its right to as a friend to turn around and sell it with out atleast ofering it back to me.Looking for help??Thanks. PS. I work for some apartments and got the 55 for free cause tenents move out and left there stuff in the apartment.I got the 100 gall free from a friend with the stand but I spent about 500.00 to 600.00 setting up the 100 gall including the fish.

DKRST 08-14-2011 08:50 PM

My philosophy is once you give it away, it's gone. If I potentially want it back, I always tell my friends I'm loaning to them as long as they can use it. Hmmmm, I never got any of that stuff back either. Crud!

I'd say it's probably better to just say "easy come, easy go" on this one. You haven't lost money on the 55 tank and even folks who "may not have room" might need the $$ also and don't want to advertise that fact. You might let him know you saw it for sale and ask about splitting the profits from the stand (try jokingly!) since you paid for it?

willow 08-15-2011 01:53 PM

i tend not to give anything away anymore,i've made that mistake with equipment
lent for a reptile,and i never got it back,and now i could do with it,i've had to buy more.
let it go mate,and just keep your stuff unless you actually sell it.

Strand 08-15-2011 02:05 PM

Burn his house down.

willow 08-15-2011 02:43 PM

naughtie.............but made me chuckle

Romad 08-15-2011 05:20 PM

The key word is "gave". You gave it to him so it's his choice what he does with it.

Maybe it would have been nice if he offered it back to you but based on him trying to sell it, it sounds like he wants some cold hard cash in his pocket - the reason isn't important.

If you lent it to him or said that if he ever decided to get rid of it that you wanted it back, well that's a whole different animal. Then you'd have a good reason to feel like you were taken advantage of.

BarbH 08-15-2011 06:03 PM

Agree with what others have said. I look at it this way I do not give anything away that I can't afford to replace at a later date if I decide I want it again. Once you give something to a person it is their decision what they want to do with it, keep it sell it or give it away. You can always try as others have suggested letting someone have it as long as they have an interest or need for the item and returning it when they don't but that doesn't always work.

tomncassie 08-17-2011 12:30 PM

THanks for the advice and I should just let it go and forget it and remember not to do that again.But I probaly will.

willow 08-17-2011 01:15 PM

that's our problem i think,if someone came to me desperate for help,
and i knowingly had the equipment spare i know i would lend it,
however i think i would say to them that when it's no longer needed i
will have it back,and really make that clear.

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