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Mating Slinkys 08-23-2007 12:31 PM

Hooray!!! Yet another new tank!!!
OK, i've spoken to a few of y'all on the fish chat and i've been talking about getting a new tank. well, i got it today. It's a Fluval Duo Deep Extra 1000 (see here: I also managed to blag an upgrade to a Eheim professional 1 filter (external), as i've been told that these are considerably better than the standard fluval ones.

So i bet you can all guess what's coming next... stocking questions!

The two definite inclusions will be My pair of Koi Angels and my Plec (bog standard variety...) as these two were the whole reason that i bought the tank. other than that it's play time!

My thoughts, influenced by those on chat, have been:

2 angels,
Brian the Plec.
Some cories (species/number?)
Some marbeled hatchetfish. (number?)
Blue rams, a pair?
Green barbs (number? - will they attack the angels, or would it be fine with 5-6 to keep each other busy?)
something that schools, maybe some tetras - congo or emperor perhaps.

As you can see, it's all a bit fluid at the moment and i'm not really sure of any of the needs/compatibility of these fish bar the ones i've already got, so feel free to throw in ideas, or criticisms etc.

Oh, the decor is going to be two large chunks of vine wood with plants intertwined amongst them, as well as some caves made from slate. On a black gravel substrate. Should look nice if i can pull it all off!

So thanks for letting me get all enthusiastic and helping me make this the best tank i've done yet.

(P.S If anyone fancies it, i'll put up a photo diary of the progress in fw pics.)

jsm11482 08-23-2007 01:15 PM

Congrats on the new tank! I don't really have any advice for you but wanted to comment that the photo diary would be cool. Good luck!

willow 08-23-2007 01:18 PM

Re: Hooray!!! Yet another new tank!!!
(P.S If anyone fancies it, i'll put up a photo diary of the progress in fw pics.)[/quote]
please do a diary,i love to look through and watch the progress.
i loved the idea of rams,but now thinking on it would they
be ok i a new tank ?
Barbs.....well i've got a large group of 17 mixed(maybe you know)
and they don't touch the Angels.

Mating Slinkys 08-23-2007 01:35 PM

Hmmm, if the barbs are good with angels i might go for that then. i likes a group of barbs.

I'll get on a photo diary asap then. it might be a little slow at first, cos i'm not gonna have to time to sort out everything till the bank holiday on monday. But i'll get on it.

willow 08-23-2007 01:50 PM

sounds great. :)
i would just like to add that my situation with the barbs
and Angels has worked,however i must add that
a lot of people reccomend they are not put together,
i would not like anything to go wrong for you.
or anyone Else reading this. :tease:
(i do not except responsibility for it going pear shaped :) )

Falina 08-23-2007 02:38 PM

You know how I feel about cories! :) Sterbai are beautiful and usually quite active, a school of 6 would be stunning!

I say a pair of rams, maybe bolilvian as theyre a bit hardier than GBRs as far as I know.

A tetra I have recently become quite fond of, that are big enoguh not to become angel-dinner, is the penguin tetra. I think they're really cute.

And yes! Photo diary please!

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