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feffyp 08-23-2007 08:06 AM

New to Fish*ing*
Hey guys. Just registered here. Anyway, just yesterday my sister got a fish for her birthday. She did not have a tank, heater, plants etc. Anyway, she just got one earlier today and it has the filter and all the stuff she needs. I bought four more fish at the pet store earlier today.

They are called White Clouds. As of now, we have four white clouds, one siamese fighting fish, and two of these. If it is a gold fish, then I will feel very stupid but I didnt know for sure becuase one is all white and the other is half Pink on the top. Anyway, I was wondering if they should be kept together? They have been in the sane tank for about 6 hours now and they seem to be doing fine. Should I continue with this?

Also, I have flake food as of now, but I wanted to know what else they eat. Thanks in advance!

, JP[/code]

willow 08-23-2007 08:07 AM

hello there,glad you joined. :)
yes that is a gold fish,and he will need to go back
to the store.don't worry we all start some where.
you will need to cycle your tank,there will be toxins
building up in the tank from the fish waste,and the filter
needs to gro its bacteria.Have you goy any friends with tropical tanks ?

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