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Michael 10-09-2006 07:24 AM

Our New Yellow Show Tang is Turning White
Hi, can somebody please help? We bought a new yellow show tang on Saturday and his body has taken on a whitish tint. I haven't seen him eat even though I've been putting in the kelp pellets and emerald entree my LFS advised. I don't want to lose him.

Also, our stars and stripes puffer seems to be going blind. He doesn't see the food we put in for him right away. Sometimes it lands on his head and he still looks around. He doesn't appear to see things that fall right next to him. Eventually he finds them, but with some difficulty.

Also, we have a small yellow box fish in there with black dots. My LFS told me that he will excrete a poison when he dies or is near death that will kill everything in the tank. Is this true?


usmc121581 10-09-2006 07:32 AM

What are your para.? Tangs will usually turn to a whitish tint if stressed.

Michael 10-09-2006 08:16 AM

Well, I just did a 50% water change on Friday. I use tap water, but I add a conditioning agent called Aqua Plus tap water conditioner. I had the tap water tested for ammonia and was told it was clean.

We've had the ProClear Pro 150 running during the day time since Saturday and the Fluval 405 running full time. The ProClear Pro makes an unbearable gurgling sound which we can't deal with at night. We are going to try again to get through to the manufacturer today to ask how to stop the sound. The water flowing from one side of the prefilter box into the other and down the spout is making the noise.

Anyhow, there was slight ammonia (.25) and slight nitrate (.10 or so) before the water change, but between the water change and the addition of the ProClear Pro 150 the levels should be okay...

usmc121581 10-09-2006 09:56 AM

Even though there is no ammonia present in your tap doesn't mean that its still good. It is vary bad to use tap water to do your water changes as you can add more bad things then you are taking out of your tank. Most city tap water contains heavy metals and high phospates. You have the right to contact your water company to get a chart of the stuff that is present in your tap water, do that and you will be amased to find what your dumping into your tank. Does your tang stay whitish all day? When I had mine he would turn whitish with a brown streak going down the sides at night when the lights were off. During the day he was his normal bright yellow. I never understood why he did that. What is your Phosphate and nitrite levels?

caferacermike 10-09-2006 11:17 PM

Your fish due sound stressed. I also think it is an internal problem. Could one fish be a bully? I also recommend switching to RO/DI whether from the lfs or a home unit, or even bottled water from the supermarket. Get the distilled water, not the spring water. There is a difference. Spring water can contain lots of stuff but distilled water is pure. I'd be suspect that your water has chloramine and not chlorine in it. You need a really good quality conditioner to neutralize it and even that is risking it. Heavy metals like copper (which all tap water will show) are a death sentence for fish and inverts alike.

.25 ammonia is not slight. Any ammonia can wipe out a tank.

Your cowfish can wipe out the tank, yes they do have a poison. A high quality skimmer sucha as a Euroreef or ASM will remove it from the water.

Your gurgling noise is from the standpipes. They need to have acontrolled air supply as the water falls through the pipes. The best way is to make Durso standpipes, also known as stockmans overflows. Internet searches will provide many details. Even external overflow boxes can benefit from this. I made mini ones for my dual extrnal overflows on my freshwater tank.

What are your salinity levels, PH levels, Alk levels? I'm wondering if your PH swings all over the place by stopping the water flow at night?

bettababy 10-20-2006 01:43 AM

How big is the tank and was it cycled before adding the fish? How much live rock and decorations are in there? The biggest issue sounds like stress, both from water quality change and from transport. I would also expect stress with a puffer and a yellow tang in the same tank. The puffers are not known for their good eyesight, and anytime the water quality jumps, they tend to get cloudy eyes and sickly very fast. Their appetite is also an issue because they tend to be fussy eaters... what are you attempting to feed it? I've had some that would eat but a single kind of food, and it would take me up to 2 weeks to find the right food. Be patient with the puffer and keep the water quality in good shape. I would advise against doing such large water changes at a time for a number of reasons... it's too much change to water quality, which stresses the animals, temp tends to change, and what is small for us can be drastic for them. Also, are you premixing the saltwater before adding it to the tank? What is your spg? A jump in salinity can also cause the problems you describe. The more info you can give the easier it is to help you.

Tango29 11-07-2006 09:37 PM

I seem to be having the same problem... kind of. I have had one of my 2 tangs for about 6 months now, he was the first and I know him quite well. He was gorgeous when I got him but it seems like his fins are "disintegrating" and he has a big light, almost white patch on both his sides. I thought his fins were because of one of my other fish picking on him, but when I got my second tang, my bully fish left him alone. Now my new tang is having the same problem with his fins and I know its not because of my bully fish. Both of their faces are really white too, between their mouth and gills. No nitirites or nitrate, my ammonia was up to .25 but is down now and has only recently been up, I test my tank like every 2 weeks and I think it was up because I did a complete filter change, replacing everything. My salinity level is at .021 and I havent found any test kits that contain phosphates and other tests I can make. I dont live very close to anything and to find anything for saltwater tanks is a real treat. Any ideas?

caferacermike 11-07-2006 11:38 PM

Could your bully be attacking them at night? What are you feeding your tangs? I'd say it sounds like a water issue to me. Could you provide some insite to your setup?

bettababy 11-07-2006 11:49 PM

What other info can you give us? Tank size, how long it's been set up? The other fish in the tank, how many? Temp? This could be a combination of things such as stress, bully fish, and/or parasite or even bacterial issues. Without more info, its too hard to determine.
The more you can tell us, the faster and better we can help.

Tango29 11-08-2006 12:23 PM

Its different than stress, I can tell when they are stressed out and my tank has been up for about a year now. I have damsels and one is way bigger than the others (my bully fish). Since I got my second tang, he hasnt chased my 1st one. Im guessing it might be metals in my water, but its really hard to find tests where I live. I have well water but I use alot of stress coat and zyme. Its a 55 gal and I feed them omega one, brine shrimp and emerald entre. I do have lots of live rock too.

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