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richlovesboys 08-22-2007 03:07 PM

Betta not breeding
first of all, sorry about askin about 10 million questions, but your advice is so useful!

i have a 6 month old red crowntail male and i believe another crowntail female - has the same ends of tail, but is pineapple coloured (thats what the people in the shop called it, its cream/beige body with red fins). Both are healthy, and the male is not a dud for breeding - my uncle works in the shop!

i havent got a styrene cup but have a fish food lid instead - same size pretty much. the female has been in a breeding net for 4 hours, just so the male can see her (i know not to breed them in that!). there are lots of fake plants for protection for the female when she is released. a 5 gallon tank

Basically 2 questions -

both are interested in each other, flaring up and the male swimming in a pronounced s shape when near her. he semms to start blowing the nest under the lid where i want him to,but the bubbles soon disappear as he looses interest for a while. The water level is 10 inches high - should this be reduced - only that the breeding net would not be able to be used for the betta as its attached to the edge of the tank

also, as the female has a pale coloured body, will i not be able to see the vertical stripes - i have two other betta in another tank which are purple and blue and i can see the horizontal stripes sometimes, rarely if i may add, but if large wcs are used for any reason for example. i have never though seen any stripes either way on the pale one, which is the healthiest one with the brightest fins, and the most active.

should i leave them overnight?

richlovesboys 08-23-2007 03:50 AM

ok i left them overnight and woke up to find the beginnings of a nest :D - which hasn't got bigger in 2 hours though :( . Does it usually take this long to build a nest because i read that it should take 2-4 hours, so far he's had 15 and not a lot of progress!

they have both been conditioned in separate tanks for a week with dried shrimp and krill, and live brine shrimp and daphnia.

Also for the fry, will daphnia be small enough along with some tiny (young fry) flakish food?

Lupin 08-23-2007 03:54 AM

Fry from egg layers are too small to take daphnia. Provide some plants in the rearing tank where they can eat microscopic foods particularly infusoria.

richlovesboys 08-24-2007 10:37 AM

ok i got back from work and she had jumped over to the males side!!!

she had virtually destroyed his nest but they are now 'squeezing' each other, but i cant see any eggs being produced after about 10 times!

what should i do, he doesnt seem to be hurting her, but hes re[airing his nest whilst squeezing her.

the female had her breeding white spot out and seems up for it, and theyve been conditioned.

richlovesboys 08-24-2007 01:18 PM

ok dont worry, the eggs are well under way even if the nest is on the small side - i expect him to repair it once hes finished.

its really weird seeing them breed!!! usually anything i do ends up in disaster, but there are over a hundred egges there - although the female has eaten a few! she'll be removed once shes done tho

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