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SomeDudeAtHome 08-08-2011 07:30 PM

Small group of pygmy cories suitable for this tank?
So I have a 5g tank with a beta and ADF in it. Neither are very aggressive towards eachother and are easy going. For a low-tech tank it's med-high planted and is filtered kept at 80* and I do water changes atleast 2x a week.

I know 80* is on the high side for them but am sure they can live well in it. If I got a small group sayd 5-6 would my tank be too crowded or could you see any problems in the future? I would by some kind of sinking pellet for them to eat and also have frozen bloodworms so their diet should be ok. Just want to make sure I'm not over stocked.

small fry 08-09-2011 02:07 AM

It could work if you watched the water quality well, but there are 2 issues with the idea.

The first is the obvious, it is abit on the crowded side, but being a planted tank and the fact that bettas and ADFs aren't all that hard on the bio-load it can work (so long as maintanence is strictly kept up with). You would need to make sure that you siphon part of the tank at least once a month, but twice is better. Don't go overboard with gravel vacuuming or you risk sending the tank into a mini-cycle. Just make sure you test the water frequently.

The next thing is the issue of feeding. Corydoras are very, very smart. They can find food very quickly. ADFs, however, are not very good at finding food as you probably are aware, so you would need to be making sure that your ADF is eating.

So keep in mind, it can work, but you need to be careful, test frequently at first, and keep up with the water changes.

1077 08-09-2011 04:28 AM

Personally, I would leave the betta and frog(s) in the 5 gallon and purchase a new/used 20 gal long tank for the cory's and possibly a few small schooling fishes.
80 degree's is much too warm for the cory's who prefer 75 to 77 degree's F and as Small fry has wisely indicated,,the cory's would easily out compete with the frogs for food.
20 gallon tanks or larger are not as easily influenced by temperature changes and or water parameter fluctuation's due to fish waste and or foods offered as smaller tanks often are. Smaller volumes of water are alway's more unstable than larger volumes of water IMHO.

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