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alysalouise 08-06-2011 12:11 AM

So someone i know had a inbred gerbil they said they cant sell because its inbred, they fed his sister to one of the snakes they have for adoption, and thats what he is for too.

But i was gonna start breeding them to feed to my snake, and so they gave him to me, well i went and picked up a female today, and i put them together, but the odd part was, she chased him, and he hid in a tunnel i had in there and would do a quiet squeak to her, she was really bullying him, and i was told that they would have a few battle wounds but eventually would do the humpdy dumpdy, and that i keep them together till after the pups are born because she'll need his help to raise them.

So i left the room for a while, and i came back and things were quiet, he was in one corner all streched out sleeping and she was in the other doing the same, they woke up when they saw me, he attempted to chase her, and she flipped

They are in seperate cages now,
when i first introduced them, they did the greet(where they come up and touch noses) and he patted his feet for his mating call, but the people i got him from think that he may be to young? they say he is maybe 3 months old, so i was gonna get more money and pick up another male from the petstore and try him, and if thatworks, then after she has her pups with him and the pups are old enough ill breed the younger male to one of the pups, (gotta get a supply going before i start feeding pupps to my snake.

so i guess my question is, you think the male i have is just to young, or you think the female is just to aggressive?

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