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Cgold 08-05-2011 03:29 PM

Stocking a 55
I have a 55 gallon with a Dwarf Gourami, 3 Mollies (which might be moved to a different tank), and a Red Tail Black Shark. I am am working on making this a planted tank, i am not gonna add anymore fish till i get my plants in. I was wondering what type of fish i could stock the tank with. I'm looking for ideas.

Thanks, Cody

Btw i love the forum. :)

ElectricBlueJackDempsey 08-05-2011 04:27 PM

If your looking for a shoal of midwater swimmers, you have a lot of options. I'll list you a few examples but there are many more. Scissortail rasbora, Boeseman Rainbowfish, Buenos Aires Tetra, Emperor Tetra, ect. Angelfish could also work in this tank. Only fish that worries me is the black shark because they can be aggressive toward other tank mates. I would stay away from other bottom species like corys and plecos. And lastly, Silver Hatchetfish or Marbled Hatchetfish would be a nice choice for this tank

Cgold 08-05-2011 04:36 PM

Yes, i do have a lot of options. So many options that it makes it hard to decide on what to do. The black shark isn't too aggressive but territorial yes. If any fish swim in its rock cave it flips out.

Byron 08-05-2011 07:31 PM

Other substrate fish are basically not possible with a Red Tailed Shark. It attains 5 inches, and as it matures it often takes a real dislike to any fish that have stripes. Angels would be in this category. A RTS is severely limiting your options. Read more in the profile, click on the shaded name.

No mention is made of water parameters (hardness, pH), these will have a bearing on possible fish.


Cgold 08-07-2011 10:25 AM

My ph is around 7.6. The water where i live has buffers in it so there is nothing i can do about the ph. (I've tried in the past, ph goes down for the night... the next morning ph is back to where it was.) I have a water softener connected to my house. So i am guessing i have soft water.

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