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semajieo 08-04-2011 09:42 AM

Blood red parrot help!
Hey, I got 2 new Blood parrot cichlids about a week ago and put them in my 50g that contains 1 redtail shark, 2 plecos, and 1 Blue crayfish ( he's about 10inch's long) but the other day my cray desided to attack the smaller blood parrot and now all his back fins are gone :cry:. So i moved both of them into my community 55g tank for the time being. Now for some reason the bigger blood parrot always chases the smaller one and pushes him around is this bcuz his fins are missing and he doesnt recognize him? (they were great together before) and should i also take the parrot that got attacked and put him in a hospital tank for a little while?

Community 55g tank contains 4 yellow lab cichlids, 2 mono sebae's, 2 pleco's, 1 Dojo loach, 1 kerbensis cichlid, 1 redtail shark, and now 2 parrots.

rrcoolj 08-04-2011 10:13 AM

Blood parrots are aggressive fish and keeping two garantes one will be picked on. There is not a whole lot you can do about the aggression. best solution would be to add more BP's to reduce aggression but your tank sounds pretty heavily stocked. Often fish won't act like themselves when the water isn't the best so maybe the water in the smaller system wasn't as good as the water in the 55 and now the BP's are showing their true nature. Only thing I can suggest is add more hides for the little one and hope for the best.

PS: not an expert on monos but I am almost positive those are brackish water fish and need to be kept in brackish water.

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