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koolman56 10-08-2006 09:03 AM

Tank Backgrounds
ok i jsut did thatto get your attention and dont make fun of me for this but do you put a tank background inside or outside of the tank :?

Lupin 10-08-2006 09:26 AM

Taylor, it's not nice to fool people with different titles on threads. No matter what your title reads, people will always try to read the threads and help you, of course.:)

Internal backgrounds
They are mostly styrofoam, cork barks or cork titles which you stick on the insides of the tank with a silicon sealant.

External backgrounds
1. Plastic or paper roll
You can use double-sided tape for paper and plastic materials and stick them outside the glass of your tank. Cooking oil can be used for plastic materials. Just slide the background on the glass with a credit card to eliminate formation of bubbles.
2. Paints
Choose wisely on which color you prefer. Paints can be hard to removed once they are stuck on the tank glass.
Freshwater-black or brown
Marine-blue or green
The choice is yours.:wink2:

Title changed to an appropriate one.:wink2:

koolman56 10-08-2006 09:52 AM

ok thanks :oops:

Amphitrite 10-08-2006 03:45 PM

To make my external background look more effective, here's what I do:

Firstly, cut the background to the exact size required.
Smear the outside back of the glass with cooking oil
Put the background in place over the oil
Smooth out bubbles using the edge of a credit card (starting at the centre and working out).

It makes the background picture/colour stand out much better than if you simply stick it on with selloptape.

joeshmoe 10-08-2006 10:58 PM

if you want paint i hear calkbored paint is better or w/e the name is

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