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caferacermike 10-08-2006 01:22 AM

Just a couple of shots from the freshwater.
I'm a dedicated pleco nut.

I accidently exceeded my limit on my picture host and it deleted my full tank shots. I'll reload them in a few days.

Lupin 10-08-2006 01:57 AM

:shock2: You have such a nice collection of plecs.:thumbsup:

Mike, if you can, is it ok to get a pic of each plec?:thumbsup: And then label their names. Pls post them in Loricariids Photos thread for reference.:thumbsup: The link is in the sticky of this section.:)

Amphitrite 10-08-2006 06:46 AM

Absolutely stunning fish Mike. As Blue said, could you let us know the names of each? Look forward to seeing a shot of the full tank :)


SimplySplendid 10-08-2006 01:17 PM

Beautiful plecos! I'm a pleco lover (even though I only have 1 common :P)
Do post pics of the whole tank and each pleco! :mrgreen:

dprUsh83 10-08-2006 01:31 PM

That's awesome to have a devotion to plecos! A LFS here has a pleco for 20 bucks (IE just trying to get rid of it to a good home) that is HUGE! It is really cool to watch because when it hangs on the glass it is enormous.

Your fish are really cool though, do you have anything in with them other than plecos?

fiona 10-08-2006 02:29 PM

what fab pics!!!!
have you only got pleco's in the tank or have ya got other fish as well?

Lupin 10-08-2006 08:25 PM

Hi Fiona,
Here's the list of Mike's fish.:crazy:

My pleco tank, 125g 6'

Blue eyed panaque
Xingu Scarlet
3x green phantom
2x peruvian tigers
Xingu Royal
papa panaque
acanthicus adonis
L114 red leopard (sternella)
2x violet brunos, or rusty for you English
L24 cactus

some columbain tetras
an 18" tire track eel
2 sterbaii cories
thousands of trumpet snails.
Other tank list are in his thread in Meet the Community.:mrgreen:

Nick 10-08-2006 10:02 PM

:D :D :D :D :D i think i just pee'd my pants!!!!!! Awesome collection I am sooooo jealous. How do you go about feeding that many?

caferacermike 10-08-2006 10:46 PM


Originally Posted by flattrack23
:D :D :D :D :D i think i just pee'd my pants!!!!!! Awesome collection I am sooooo jealous. How do you go about feeding that many?

I just toss in about 2 tablespoons of Nu Life Spectrum community pellets and about 10 Wardley's algae wafers a night. It really is about that easy. I do hand feed my eel 6-10 night crawlers a week. I'll also toss in about a hundred ghost shrimp a week and maybe a silverside (saltwater minnow) once in a while if I thaw one to many for my salt tank. I don't put much effort into feeding at all. I used to be religous about using only fresh veggies and whole market fish. I'd chunk the veggies and par boil them. I'd cut the fish into pieces and then freeze it all in feeding sized portions in seperate baggies. I began trying the Nu Life on advice from a friend and my fish reacted to it quicker than with fresh foods. It's been over a year and no ill effects have fallen on the tank.

The hardest part was getting the tank set up to make me and my fish happy. 2 3' long pieces of S. American root woods pulled from the river Rio. I have 4 Eheim 2217 cans and a 40 gallon sump with Eheim 1260 return pump. The tank looked well and had decent flow. All seemed well. I would stir the gravel everynight at feeding time to allow the cans to filter out the excess wastes. Then one day I came upon the Tunze 6080 stream maker. It moves 1,600gph and makes a current good for 8'. I have it magnet mounted at the bottom of the tank and it prevents waste from collecting in the gravel. Keeps the gravel nice and clean. Also most of these fish come from swiftly moving rivers and they all seem to love the current it produces. I'll try for pics another day.

Sorry my time through October is limited. I am involved with a large charity, and it eats up most of my "free" time. I get home after lights out most evenings until the 23rd.

Nick 10-08-2006 11:07 PM

Wow that is really really cool. I also have Wardley Algea Wafers. You throw in ten plus that other food. And I throw in 2 , I only have 1 common pleco. I throw in 2 algea wafers because my clown loaches and other fish eat them too. i would love to see the full tank shot and all the specs that you mentioned ie: sump, magnet cleaner, wood, etc...
Awesome job!


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