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ThunderQueen 08-19-2007 06:34 PM

Betta with High Ammonia Levels during Road Trip; Help?
I've had a betta fish for about three months, and normally keep him in a 5 gallon tank. I've never had a problem with ammonia in the past. Currently, however, I am on my way to college and taking my fish with me. I left Saturday Morning of this week (it is Sunday evening now), and won't be able to settle him back into his regular tank until Thursday Morning when I move him into my dorm.
For the car trip I placed him in a glass canister that holds a little bit more than a gallon of water. This canister is placed in a styrofoam cooler, and is surrounded by bags of water of the same temperature. The only thing in the canister are a few handfuls of gravel from his original tank. I have not fed him since Friday. The cooler is set on the middle of the back seat between my brother and myself. Most of Saturday and Sunday were spent in transit.
So I think I've thought this through pretty well, but I've run into a problem: When I checked ammonia last night it was high, between 2 and 4(I forget what it's measured in). I did a water change immediately(about 80%), using lots of stresszyme as well as dechlorinating and lowering ph. I checked ammonia immediately after, and there was apparently no change in level, which didn't make any sense. I'm starting to wonder if my test kit has issues. Levels were high again Sunday morning, so I did another water change. Sunday Evening, about two hours ago, I checked ammonia when I got to my grandmother's house, and it was between 5 and 6!!! Again I changed the water. What's confusing me is that he LOOKS fine; he's swimming around and flaring his fins and playing all the games he normally does. I wouldn't worry, but it's going to be three whole days before his life will be back to normal. I'm considering going to a pet store to pick up a new test kit, and perhaps some chemicals to lower ammonia levels. Are there products that anyone can reccomend? Does anyone know why I keep getting such high readings, and is there anything I can do? Has anyone successfully traveled with a fish before? Any advice, and quick, would be much appreciated.

Lupin 08-19-2007 06:48 PM

Welcome to, ThunderQueen.:wave:

No chemicals will be recommended to lower your ammonia. Water changes, to us, are sufficient enough without wasting a single cent. The only chemical to be use is a dechlorinator. pH adjusting chemicals should not be used as the effects if become worn off will swing pHharming and even killing your betta.

Definitely buy a new test kit for a more accurate result.:)

Good luck.:)

ThunderQueen 08-20-2007 07:51 PM

faulty test kit?
Thanks for your advice. I did purchase another test kit today, one with the dippy strips instead of the solution in a bottle. When I tested with the new kit it said ammonia levels are ideal, while the old one said that my fish should be dead. Since the fish LOOKS fine, I'm inclined to believe the new kit. The other one is perhaps 8 years old, it came in a tank kit that my brother never set up. It also said that bottled tap water I brought from home had high ammonia, before it went near fish tank. But then, it said that fresh tap water was fine. I don't understand it. :?

Lupin 08-20-2007 10:36 PM

About 8 years old?:shock: A new liquid test kit would be better than the test strips.:) Hope everything is okay.:)

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