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jaspreetsl 08-19-2007 04:25 PM

Hey guys, my little cousin went out and bought 4 neon tetras to be in the same tank with my red eye tetra. Now the Red Eye Tetra are being very bully'ish with the neon tetra's. what should i do ? They Neon Tetra's feel scared also. And the pet store won't take refunds.

fish_4_all 08-19-2007 05:39 PM

All you really can do is hope for the best. a 5.5 gallon is going to lead to bullying issues with different tetras. Maybe some plants will allow the neons to hide or some kind of ornament but I don't know for sure if that will help. It may be no more than them getting to used to each other so let's hope it is that.

Lupin 08-19-2007 06:27 PM

Plants will really not help at all given the small space a 5.5 gallons tank provided. A 15 gallons may, however, permit better chances.

jaspreetsl 08-19-2007 10:18 PM

They seemed to be a bit calmed down now, but non the less, the fish are extremly territorial now. The neons and the red eye's are in their own area. Altho, the Red Eye's feel very scared. Their swimming like crazy all over the place at times. The Neon's look very calmed down surprisingly. But non the less, i'll try to get a job to pay for perhaps a new 20 gallon tank. I'll see what happens. I might try to find someone who wants to buy my Red Eye tetra's. I don't want them hurting the other fish or being very scared all the time.

mHeinitz57 08-20-2007 07:50 AM

look around for other fish stores. Many independant stores will take fish in and some may even offer something in return. Keep looking around and i'm sure you'll find somewhere to do it.

jaspreetsl 08-20-2007 08:37 PM

I'm surprised to tell you guys that all fish look happy together now. No one is chasing the other now. I only think this is happening because its a 4:3 ratio in favour of the small guys, so i'm guessing the red eye tetra's are somewhat scared. But all fish look happy together now. I added another plant to my fish aquarium and blue lighting. It really looks better now. Altho i plan on adding a castle soon, lol. I took a web camera picture of my fish tank. Their actually 7 fish in that 5.5 gallon tank.

jaspreetsl 08-20-2007 08:41 PM

oh and by the way, since my cousin added all those 4 neon tetra's, i might have to upgrade to a 20-30 gallon in perhaps a few weeks until i can get the necessary money.

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