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serpaekeeper45 08-19-2007 10:37 AM

bringin the fish in for the winter
ok so i still have time to think of a good way to store my pond fish over the,im not gunna even think about leaving them in the pond to go through this whole heibernation thing,besides its not even deep enough for that. so i have three prime things i would like to do.1 option is a 25,or 30 gallon tank(no clue how many gallons it is) that i can get for free, with light hood and possibly filter.another option is a 55 gallon from walmart.i would not buy the whole kit or anything,walmart has just the tank with absolutely nothing else for like 15 dollars.another thing that i usually do is put them in a rubber made bin. the bin would be pretty big,i dont know exactly how many gallons,but they did fine last year.remember ppl this would be just for over the winter,and iv kepy goldfish in a 30 gallon over the winter, 4 of them.
just wondering what you ppl usually do with your fish,and also what you think of my ideas. Whitch one do you think is best?

fish_4_all 08-19-2007 02:03 PM

Well if I could get 55 gallon tanks for $15 I would go that way for sure, if you have the room for them.

I do have a better idea though. My local bottled water company has huge barrels, I think 150 gallons that would work perfect for the goldfish and give them plenty of room. Here they run $45 or so but would work well. I know I can fit in the barrel with ease and have gotten 3 kids in them so they are pretty big.

fish_4_all 08-19-2007 02:19 PM

I am also wondering, is there any way that you might be able to build a dome for the pond? A simple one made of super heavy gage plastic or vinyl and PVC pipe might serve you well and with a heater the temp could be kept above freezing rather easily without a huge heating bill. Even a pump that cycles through a shed or other heated location could keep the water warm enough to keep it form freezing.

Just a thought.

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