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ram50 07-28-2011 08:04 PM

looking for advise on a tank upgrade and switch to marine
I have done some research on this subject and find that most people suggest starting over. But here I go. i have a 29gal brackish tank using a 10 gal wet/dry filter with bio balls. stock list is a F8P (had for 1year and 1 month) 3 snails, 2 black mollies, and a prehistoric dragon goby. I am wanting to move to my 60 gal tank making it a brackish tank then slowly increase to full marine.

the 60 gal tank is setup for a marine tank (empty as of now). has over flow, 30 gal refuge, skimmer, with some coral in the refuge. My thought was to move the 29 to the 60 and place bio balls into the refuge for filtration untill I get the SG to the marine level. then turn on the skimmer and remove the bioballs.

i plan on putting crushed coral/live sand as the bed. I also plan to put some live rock in the tank. I know that the F8P will nip at the rocks.

the main reason I am looking at it this way is because of space limits.

I am really looking for opinions on this. Could it work this way. just not enough space to have two tanks running. I am sure that I have forgot something

kitten_penang 07-29-2011 02:57 AM

my advice is to look for bearwithfish he's a very informative person on sw and diy :-D

onefish2fish 07-29-2011 05:41 AM

i suggest using sand over crushed coral. ( less then 1'' sand or 4'' - 6'' ) the cracks and spaces between the crushed coral collects debris allowing it to break down over time and turn into nitrates and excess nutrients. this same effect will occur with the bio balls when its full marine so yes, def. remove those when the time comes. the idea is to keep debris in the water with good water flow to allow your skimmer to remove them, now let them build up and collect in low flowing areas of the tank.
this same effect can even occur from putting rock in your sump/fuge area as this is a slow flowing section and the rock can give the effect of the bio balls collecting debris. to avoid this i suggest keeping the rock in the display section, with plenty of flow as enough live rock with flow will be a main part of your filtration on a marine tank, along with the skimmer.

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