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BarbH 07-24-2011 01:38 AM

Plans for setting up grow out tanks
Yesterday one of my platys finally dropped her fry, and I was surprised with some where between 30-40 babies, give or take. Right now everyone is in a 10 gallon tank in which I had the mother in (she has since been put back into the community tank. The 10 gallon is only going to work for long, so now I am planning on working on setting up my grow out tanks. What I am thinking of doing is getting a couple of 20 gallon high tanks with a stand that will allow me to stack them, since space is limited. I am planning on doing sponge filters in these tanks. Haven't decided on a substrate yet, thinking about possibly doing sand as the substrate, and will be planting the tanks as finances allow. What are your thoughts on splitting this many fry between two 20 gallons for growing out to sellable size. I figure I have some time to get things figured out and set up before the 10 gallon becomes insufficient for everyone.

zof 07-24-2011 01:06 PM

I would skip the substrate and plants that go in it for a couple of reasons, one its easier to tell how many fry you have surviving in a bare tank, two the fry will only be in there until you can get rid of them so you will constantly be trying to catch fish, which in a planted tank is horribly hard.

If you want the extra filtration and ascetics plants provide then stick with floating plants that can easily be moved around, plus these are the ones that remove the most nutrients from the water the fastest.

Good luck give us some pictures once you are all setup.

BarbH 07-25-2011 12:02 AM

Good point on the plants. I do have a 10 gallon that I am planning on using for growing out for awhile, so substrate in the 20's might work... will have to give it some more thought. I could also do anubias or java fern which I could move out of the way when trying to remove the fish. Also I am planning on keeping a mystery snail to help with the clean up. From the research that I have done mystery snails should be fine with the fry. Has anyone else had any experience with keeping mystery snails in the same tank as their fry?

zof 07-25-2011 12:31 PM

Snails should provide no issue for free swimming fry, now if they were eggs or wrigglers then I would worry. But if any free swimming fry gets caught by something as slow as a snail then its just Darwin at work.

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