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fry1goat 08-16-2007 10:56 PM

How to keep water temp down?
In these hot summer days, I find myself trying to regulate the temp of the tank. Is there any sort of way to keep the water temp from rising? Is there any kind of devices that can be placed in the tank to keep water from getting to warm? Does anyone have any helpful ideas on how to keep my water from over heating? Thanks

Lonewolfblue 08-16-2007 11:58 PM

Run a small fan, blowing over the top of the water.

Mike 08-17-2007 12:06 AM

Hi fry1goat,

Unfortunately, most of the ways to cool down a tank have a price tag.

If you have one in the same room as the aquarium, you can leave an air conditioner on all day, but your electricity bill will suffer for it. Many air conditioners have settings that automatically regulate the temperature of a room by turning on and off when necessary. Using such a feature may reduce the cost.

You may be able to cool the tank down by aiming a fan at it, and I imagine this would use less electricity but I really don't know.

If your aquarium has a hood that either flips up or is able to be propped up on hinges, doing that may allow the water to cool off a bit. We used to do this regularly to cool down our reef tank, but stopped when we found fish on the floor afterwards :(

There is always the option of an aquarium chiller, though its cost dissuades many from going that route. The chiller is like an air conditioner for the aquarium - a water conditioner. The advantages of buying and using a chiller vs. leaving on your air conditioner would be much more precise control over your water's temperature, and I imagine it would use less electricity as it would be regulating the temperature of a small volume of water vs. an entire room's worth of air.

I hope some of that helped. I'm sure that members with more experience can offer other ideas or elaborate on some of what I mentioned.


The-Wolf 08-17-2007 12:38 PM

the best way to keep a tank cool is floating pykrete (in a suitable container) in the tank.

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